Getting 6.0 More Done – RunLog 12/1/19

Wow!!! The first day of December and the final month of 2019. I can’t say that I will be sad to see this year in the rear view mirror, but I still need to get a few more miles in before the year ends.

Especially, since over the next few days running might be a bit of an adventure.

It ain’t heah yet, but depending upon the track of the storm we might get a little or a lot. Personally, I prefer the little, but Mother Nature can be capricious in her moods and doesn’t ask me my opinion about how much snow we will get.

The winds finally died back down to runnable levels and the temps were in the 20’s and the roads were clear…well reasonably. So I got to run outside today.

Down-back on dirt road, there was a LOT of dust covered ice, which meant that when running on that, I really, really focused on how I was planting my foot and didn’t toe-off like I usually do.

I managed to stay upright both ways and the Propels did a decent job with the grip on that stuff.

Planned Workout Description vs Actual: I had originally planned on a longer run today and needed 8.0 miles to get 30.0 for the week. Instead I decided to do 5-6 and just go down to Notta Road against the nice breeze.

Variables that impacted the run: Right hip a bit sore, dust-covered ice, put tape on left big toe and wore T/B cushion on right.

Weather: Clear, 28*F, Feels like 23*F, Humidity 44% Wind 4 mph from N

• Day: Sunday

• Course: Notta Road 6.0 Miler

• Distance: 6.01

• Duration: 54:14

• Pace: 9:01

• Running Streak Day #: 3

• Comments: Just a comfortable run where I didn’t look at the splits and just ran. I did stop after tar on Tiffany to let a truck go by in a bad section of dust covered ice – it seemed like a great idea. It was, especially when the truck’s ass-end slipped a little sideways after he passed me.

Other than that it was your run of the mill 6.0 mile below freezing weather, easy run.

Shoes: Mileage (83.4) New Balance Propel (Gray) Did just fine with the cushioning even though it was below freezing temps. The left big toe didn’t bother as much with the tape covering it. When the callouses get a bit to dry and thick it does bother more, so I have to keep shaving them back more often in the Propels.

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