Black Friday Run – RunLog 11/29/19

No, I did not run on Thanksgiving, I had plenty of opportunity, but just didn’t have the motivation to get out and play in the 30-40 mph gusts that were roaring by the house yesterday afternoon.

Black Friday meant that I stayed well away from stores today and I probably would not have left the house, but I just didn’t feel like playing outside in the wind today.

Wimpy – you betcha!

Thanksgiving week is typically a cut-back week for me and it usually marks the official beginning of my indoor running season.

Not that I will really do all that much differently, but as I get older, I find that running outside when things to be blunt – are miserable for running just doesn’t interest me as much as it used to. So I anticipate more time on the treadmill and less time outside as the weather gets colder.

Onward to the treadmill.

Planned Workout Description vs Actual: Something easy usually 5.0 or so miles. Actual turned into an easy progression with a 1.0 mile of tempo and then faster strides for 6.0 miles

Variables that impacted the run: Got a later start, so I didn’t want to do more than 5-6 miles – that time crunch thing.

Weather: Indoor

• Day: Friday

• Course: Planet Fitness Treadmill

• Distance: 6.0

• Duration: 49:41

• Pace: 8:17

• Running Streak Day #: 1

• Comments:

Shoes: Mileage (229.4) New Balance Beacon v2 – First run in the B2s in a while. They are pretty much the perfect treadmill shoes, light-weight, but cushioned with enough toe box for me to not have them bother my right foot. Again today they showed me why I loved both the B1 and B2.

Enough so that I asked for a pair of B1s, which I like just a little better as a present for Christmas and getting them at under $40.00 shipped was a pretty sweet deal.

My current Beacon 2s are over 200 miles and the outsole is showing some serious wear, so I have a feeling that they will be retired at 300 miles or so. So I do need a pair of treadmill shoes that I can run any distance or speed comfortably. The Beacon v1 fit that bill perfectly.

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