A Bit Muddy Down-Back – RunLog 11/27/19

The only problem with this time year is that things (dirt driveways, dirt roads, etc.) freeze and unfreeze almost on a daily basis and with that comes the mud.

Not that it is deep or anything, it is more just slippery, wet and gets your shoes/clothes nasty.

That was the big story of today’s easy run, everything about the run was pretty much routine after yesterday’s faster stuff. The legs felt like they weighed a ton, my hammies complained about being used and I had that malaise that I tend to get when I overdo a hard workout a bit too much.

So today was more a kick back and relax kind of day to get some mojo back.

However, I was impressed with how well the Propels did in that slimy mess as long as I didn’t try to push the pace through it. It would have been more of a mess if I had landed on my rear-end, in addition to damaging my fragile ego ;-P.

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