Surprise Appointment, Rest Day and Faster Today – RunLog 11/25/19 & 11/26/19

Well yesterday was a bit of a cluster, but it was actually good stuff, but with everything going on it meant that I didn’t even try to get a run in. Probably just as well…

What happened?

Well to finish up my physical I needed to visit the Vampires at Togus again and yes, this time they had my bloodwork order in the system. 🙂

That really didn’t take that long and for a change I did not pass out when they drew blood, a very good thing. I guess having that round of acupuncture did really do some good. At least I don’t get nearly as worked up over having to get needled.

After finishing up there, I figured that I would go and setup my eye doctor appointment, since they are just down the hall from the Vampire clinic. Waited in line for a couple of minutes, but nothing bad.

When I got to the appointment part, the nice lady said the second week of January (which is actually about what I expected, so that was not a big deal), then she said, we just had a cancellation for this morning (it was pretty icy outside), would you like to have it. I said what time? 10:30, it was 8:45. I said I would love to have it.

Waiting just under two hours for an eye doc’s appointment was a sweet deal compared to waiting a couple of months. Luckily my schedule is very flexible, so that was not a big deal.

They got me in about 15 minutes early and everything is just fine. The usual getting old crap is going on and my prescription needed some tweaking, but all-in-all a good appointment. I ordered some new glasses and should have them in a couple of weeks.

Now for the bad part – they dilated my eyes. It always sucks! I feel like crap for the rest of the day and my depth perception is shot to shit, so I generally plan on a day off whenever I know that I am going to have my eyes dilated. No exception yesterday, with the bright sunshine and stumbling around like a drunken sailor, I figured that running would be more of dangerous activity than a healthy one.

Voila – unscheduled rest day.

Tuesday – 11/26/19

Eyes are back to normal.

Warmer this morning, so nice in fact that even though I was scheduled for a hard session on the treadmill, I opted to run outside in shorts & l/s tech shirt – no gloves, winter hat or jacket. It felt marvelous.

Planned Workout Description: Treadmill 5K time trial and .10 strides. Not even close to what I actually did.

Variables that impacted the run: Great weather, some slick spots in the shade, right hip not nearly as uncomfortable, did foam roll at home and full warm-up before running – made a difference.

Comments: Felt strong for the entire run. I didn’t want to push hard and managed to stay at a comfortably hard pace for 3.0 miles. Although coming back up Leighton I did slow down a little more than I thought I would.

I did push the pace a bit harder once I turned back on to Outer Civic Center until I came up the hill on Anthony as I came back to PF. I did slow down a bit there.

Actually it was a very good run and only about 30 seconds slower than that hard run with Jon back in October.

But it didn’t end there, I went back in to change my shirt and get on the treadmill for some faster work on it.

However, I did bump into Jon and we got to talking again about the Cape Elizabeth 10 Miler in February. I had forgotten all about it and thank him for reminding me. I didn’t manage to get registered, it was already sold out, but I am on the waiting list and lottery so we will see if I get selected. Even if I don’t I may ride down and cheer them on and get a good workout in that day myself.

Then I got back on the treadmill and set the treadmill to a bit faster than I usually do:

1.25 @ 7.6 mph

.25 @ 8.6 mph

.10 @ 7.6 mph

.10 x 8 @ 9.2 mph

Recoveries done at 6.7 mph

• Day: Tuesday

• Running Streak Day #:1

• Weather: Clear, 42*F, Feels like 41*F, Humidity 78%, Wind 3 mph from SW

Shoes: Mileage (43.5) New Balance 1400 v6 — Felt great on the road and treadmill.

Cardio Total: 3.32

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