Good Physical Results and a 10.0 Miler – RunLog 11/22/19

Well I made it through my physical, without the intake nurse or doc, getting wound up or attempting push too hard about shots, statins or other meds. Which was a nice change, but having good stats coming in seemed to help my case and choices.

BP – 120/78

Pulse: 55

Weight with clothes: 162 down 6 pounds from last year

Waist: 32

As the nurse said not bad at all for 62.

I gotta admit though that I did interrupt the doc’s spiel about statins based on my blood work from last year and before he got to far along, by saying I will never go back on statins and didn’t bat an eyelash when he locked eyes with me. Once I said and did that, he tapped on the keyboard and moved on.

I guess I am a bit of an outlier because I go with the idea that less is more when it comes to medications – might be better for me and that doctor’s orders need to be researched and thought about before I implement their recommendations.

I have followed this kind of thinking since 2011 and this philosophy has worked better for me than my previous reliance on pills and strictly following doctor’s orders.

My body, my decisions your choices might be a lot different.

Actually, besides that little bit of sidetracking the doc and I got along famously. I didn’t complain about too much and he has been too busy to bother asking more than the standard questions that he has to.

I do have to go back and get my blood work done next week, now that the order for blood work is in the computer.

Even though the physical appointment went well, I still was stressed over going to the doctor’s office. It is one of those things that I know I have to do once a year for the VA and also for my private insurance. I only do it to stay in the system, in case I need to access medical when I do break, cut or screw something up royally on this aging body of mine.

So I needed a run.

Planned Workout Description: Fridays are typically a rest or easy day.

Since Mary and I are going on a road trip tomorrow, I decided to do my long run today and headed over to the Augusta end of the Rail Trail. Something 7-10 miles at around 9:00 minute pace.

Comments: The run itself was one where I just ran comfortably for most of the run. I did pick up the pace and my last mile was the fastest one. I really thought about doing a few more miles, but decided that 10 were enough.

Geese in formation on my run today

Variables that impacted the run: Right hip was bothering a little, it felt more like it was tight and never released than being painful. The left toe didn’t bother hardly at all, since I trimmed the nail and callouses last night.

• Day: Friday

• Type of Workout: Long run

• Course: Augusta Rail Trail 10 Miler

• Distance: 10.03

• Duration: 1:30:55

• Pace: 9:04

• Clothes: adidas socks, calf sleeves, New Balance wind pants, Reebok compression shorts, Avia tech s/s, Gerry l/s tech, Brooks running jacket, North Face gloves, Saucony beanie, adidas ball cap.

Yes, I was overdressed and took off the gloves coming back and unzipped the jacket. I could have worn shorts and been quite comfortable and probably would have been a few seconds quicker.

• Rating (1-4): 2

• Running Streak Day #: 8

• Weather: Overcast, 42*F, feels like 38*F, Humidity 89%, Wind 6 mph SSW. It started to rain right after I did my cool-down walk, so I finished just in time.

Shoes: Mileage (64.2) New Balance Fuel Cell Propel – They did great the entire run.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? I needed to run after the doctor’s appointment and I was able to get my long run in today.

Cardio Total: 3.52

Weight: 158 (home scale)


    • Fuzzy head, muscle pain/weakness, assorted unexplained injuries, just wasn’t worth the side effects and after reading a LOT of different studies both for and against, I began think about the need as well.


  1. I wonder if doing high intensity exercise on a daily or close to daily basis makes the effects worse. Would be an interesting study.

    Eating well, avoiding fried foods and processed foods, making sure you eat fruit and veggies predominantly, low alcohol, healthy weight all seem to have greater mortality impact in primary prevention than statins anyway.

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    • Eric I think you might be right, the more I exercised when I was taking them the worse i felt. I follow an 80/20 diet pretty much doing what you talk about (although having a couple of people who love to bake can make things tough sometimes), but for the most part just live a healthy lifestyle, eat more like the 1950, less processed stuff I am doing pretty good. 🙂


      • The bad news is all mortality tables hit 100% eventually. The key is not speeding it up or lowering the quality of your life. That includes having cake occasionally.

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