A Couple of Easier Days – RunLog 11/20 & 11/21

Okay, so I didn’t log my run yesterday…it is okay the world is not going to end anytime soon.

Yesterday’s run was a nice 4.0 mile recovery run done by doing laps in front of the house, on a gray day outside.

My time was 37:52 for a 9:27 pace. See I told you it was an easy recovery run.

Today I had planned to go into Augusta and run 4-5 miles depending upon how I felt…


The weather wasn’t too bad (in the 40’s and bit blustery), but when I got to the gym, I had forgotten both my running pants and jacket. Yeah, I could have probably survived in shorts and scrounged up a windbreaker from my backpack in the truck.

However, by that time, I didn’t feel like frig farting around and just went inside to run on the treadmill.

When I got on to run, I still didn’t have a clue on what I was going to end up doing. So I set the speed to 7.0 mph and figured I would go until I got tired of running.

Can you tell I was really into running today?

I did a couple miles at 7.0 mph and popped it up to 7.6 mph and figured that I would do one or two more miles and call it close enough.

I stopped at 3.1 in 25:43. Could I have done more sure, everything felt fine, but I had no interest in running any further. So I figured it was time to shut it down and get back to the house.

One thing I did differently is that I wore the Altra Duo v1 (W) and they do force me to run differently. The first half mile of running in them just felt awkward and forced. Finally, the body realized that I was not running in my Propels and adjusted to the Duos.

Shoes do make a difference in how you run and the slightly different form makes the muscles work…well differently. 🙂

I probably would/could adjust to this pair of Duo’s if I needed to, but at this point I prefer to use them as a once or twice a week tweak my form shoe than my primary daily trainer. They just feel “clunky” compared to the Propels.

Overall a pretty good day, but I have my physical exam tomorrow and I HATE going to the doctor’s office with a passion. Maybe that is weighing too much on my mind as I have imaginary conversations going on in my head about what the doc is going to bitch about this time and that I will most likely ignore and continue to do my own thing…like I have for the past 8 years.

I guess I am getting to be a crotchety off fart.

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