6 x .50 Repeat & Strides – RunLog 11/19/19

Another gray day outside with periods of rain and temps in the 30’s – yeah, just a wonderful day outside. It is Tuesday, which is my go faster day, so I had planned on doing a treadmill run, which was just as well.

Planned Workout Description: Something faster at 5K (sub 7:00 minute pace) on the treadmill.

Comments: On the way in I was debating with myself on which/what kind of faster workout I was going to do. By the time I got to PF, I had pretty much decided on 6 x .50 @ 8.6 mph. However, while warming up I almost changed it to a 5K time trial, but when I got to the end of the warm-up I went with my original plan.

After my usual pre run warm up, I did use the foam roller on my legs and hip stretches, which seemed to help with the hip issues I have been plagued with for so long. So I might start doing that a bit more often.

1.0 @ 6.7 mph – warm-up

6 x .50 @ 8.6 mph

All .25 recovery repeats were at 6.7 mph.

The first couple were not a problem. Number 3 was okay, but the last three repeats were tough and I had to play mental games to get through to the end of the workout.

When I finished that last repeat, it felt good!

I usually don’t have the mental toughness to get through the entire workout as planned and wimp out at the end and change the workout to something a bit easier.

Today I didn’t.

After I got done the planned workout, I was at 5.25 miles, so I did a quarter mile recovery repeat and then did 4 x .10 @ 9.2 mph plus to get to 10K

Variables that impacted the run: None

• Day: Tuesday

• Type of Workout: Intervals at race pace or faster

• Course: Planet Fitness Treadmill – Augusta

• Distance: 6.2

• Duration: 48:14 — This my 2nd fastest treadmill 10K Since I turned 60 and only missed my best time by a couple of seconds. What is really good was that it was done during a pretty structured workout, where I didn’t vary from the slower warm-up and recovery periods.

• Pace: 7:47

• Clothes: adidas socks, calf sleeves, Reebok compression shorts, Skora shorts, CMS tech s/s t-shirt

• Rating (1-4): 4

• Running Streak Day #: 5

• Weather: Indoor

Shoes: Mileage (36.4) New Balance 1400 v6 – This is the type of running that the 1400s are designed for and they did great during the entire run. I have confidence that I can run any race in them and do well up to a half marathon. Now to get that 30 mile review done.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? Being able to run a good 10K and stay within the workout parameters gives me a bit more confidence to be able to run a good 10K.

Cardio Total: 3.22

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