No Bloodwork, Treadmilling and Screw Shoes – RunLog 11/18/19

One of those days where too many little thing just don’t work out quite right.

First up I thought that I had to go over to Togus today for the Vampires to take blood to have the labs ready for my physical on Friday. I have done this same thing for the past 7-8 years without any glitches or calling ahead.

Ummm Houston we have a problem…I got to Togus at about 7:20 this morning fasting and needing to pee like a race horse and sat and waited until 8:00 (another new thing – they used to open at 7:00 AM). When I finally got to sit in the chair, ready to be poked with a needle (one of my least favorite things), she suddenly told me I didn’t have an order for blood work.

She couldn’t do the draw and blood work without the Doc’s orders and even though I showed her the appointment slip – not in the computer – no can do. I knew it wasn’t her fault and while I was a little frustrated, I wasn’t upset either. These kinds of things don’t bother me like they use to. It is more a minor annoyance than anything.

It didn’t really surprise me since another Vet had come out because he hadn’t had an order for his bloodwork and I had joked with him I would be next.

I was.

Oh well, the young lady kind of indicated without actually telling me that there had been a change of policy and until you see the doc, they don’t automatically order bloodwork anymore. Not a big deal, but it would have been nice to have known this prior to driving over to Togus for no reason.

Poor communication on their part and poor assumption on my part that they would have the same procedures in place this year (like automatically ordering bloodwork for a physical exam), especially with all the changes that the VA has undergone in the last year.

Oh well, Friday I get to talk to the Doc and have fun during my physical.

BTW I did stop on the way out of the lab and after I that I was a LOT more comfortable. Hehehehe

There were a couple of other small things, but that did warrant writing about.

It was misting and the temps were 29*F while walking the dogs, so I decide not to tempt fate and went and ran on the Planet Fitness treadmill.

Planned Workout Description: Comfortable 5-7 Miles

Comments: I set the treadmill to 7.0 mph and for 3.9 miles I just trotted along. I did try out my old Garmin 310 XT (because it was so accurate on the treadmill when I used it before) and remembered after the first mile that it needed the Garmin footpod (that I lost) to work on the treadmill. Guess it is time to get rid of the old ponderous workhorse.

I did 6 x .10 at least 9.2 mph with .10 recovery @ 7.0 mph. Those felt quite good and actually my last one was a lot faster and that one actually felt smoother than the ones at 9.2 mph

Variables that impacted the run: Freezing drizzle outside, playing around with the Garmin 310XT,

• Day: Monday

• Type of Workout: Comfortable pace

• Course: Planet Fitness Treadmill

• Distance: 5.0

• Duration: 41:22

• Pace: 8:16

• Clothes: New Balance socks, calf sleeves, Brooks Shorts, Reebok Compression shorts, tech s/s shirt,

• Rating (1-4): 3

• Running Streak Day #: 4

• Weather: Indoor

Shoes: Mileage (50.1) New Balance Fuel Cell Propel – They did just fine, although my left big toe has an ingrown toenail that rubs just a bit, nothing serious, but enough to be a distraction. They now have more than 50 miles and it is time for a quick review.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? More miles on the legs and now I can get rid of one more piece of old technology that is no longer needed.

Cardio Total: 2.41

Non Running Comments: This evening, since we seem to have more ice events around here lately and I have already fallen on the ice once this year. I figured that I needed put together my screw shoes for the winter.

I like the hex head screws with a slot – they just seem to provide more grip than other systems or screws that I have used. They work better than trail shoes or all the slip on things that you can put over your shoes. I am too cheap to buy a pair of running shoes with carbide tips in the bottoms – maybe someday, but these work pretty good for me and the price is right $3.99 for the screws at Tractor Supply.

Each year, I pick out a pair of thick soled shoes that I don’t plan on running in again regularly and make them into screw shoes.

This year’s victim…errr volunteer was a pair of old Altra Torin 3.5’s that I had turned into my lawn shoes, but seemed perfect for wearing wool socks and having sheet metal screws in the outsole.

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