I walked with Bennie down-back this morning and if I really had to I could run there, but since I don’t bounce as well as I once did, as long as I don’t have to, I won’t. Too much ice to play on for my tastes.

While the roads by the house are pretty much clear, with just a couple places where you have to watch out for icy patches. However, if you need to get off into the shoulder due to traffic, things can get dicey pretty quickly.

So even though the roads are clear, I still hesitated running out here, due to the lack of safe shoulders to run on if I needed to.

Planned Workout Description: Easy 5-6 miler

Comments: I really thought about heading into Augusta and running from Planet Fitness, but decided that I needed to get the run done, so I ran from home.

Everything was going as planned, until I got down where the St. Bernard lives. He as usual was off-leash and the owner can’t control him. He is no longer a puppy and weighs more than I do and is very intimidating.

The St. Bernard came bounding out and was huffing, chuffing around me. I told the owner, if he makes any attempt to bite or get aggressive, I would pepper spray him and reached in my belt pouch and got my spray out.

That got the the owner’s attention very quickly. I explained in no uncertain terms that I was not happy and that they needed to get their dog. Instead of just calling to it, she rushed to get her dog. I told her I was tired of having her dog come out in the road at me like that and the next time it happens to my wife or me, I will be calling animal control.

I also let her know that I would be coming back through in 15-20 minutes and I didn’t want to encounter her dog again. I got “The Who to F#$k are you to tell me what to do!” look, which I ignored and got back to running.

Actually, I thought I was nice in view of the circumstances. I didn’t swear at her, I called her ma’am, but I was firm and very direct when I was talking to her about her dog and what I would do, if it got aggressive with me and what I will do next time, if there is one.

Other than that it was one of those easy runs where you just plug along, do the miles and enjoy the run. I did meet another person walking their dog (twice), but it was on a leash and we waved at each other while the dog tried to go run with me.

Oh yeah, when I went back by the St. Bernard’s house, he was not out and neither was the owner. I kind of figured that I would be dealing with the husband after “talking” with his wife earlier, but thankfully no one bothered me.

Variables that impacted the run: Chilly, St. Bernard encounter,

• Day: Sunday

• Type of Workout: Easy

• Course: Pepin 5.0 Miler

• Distance: 5.09

• Duration: 46:54 (take-off about 30-40 seconds for the St. Bernard encounter. It sure did feel like it was a lot longer. 🙂

• Pace: 9:13

• Clothes: Adidas long socks, calf sleeves, New Balance running pants, Reebok Compression shorts, Reebok s/s tech tee, l/s tech tee, Asics Beanie, Adidas ball cap, running mittens

• Rating (1-4): 2

• Running Streak Day #: 3

• Weather: Clear, 25°F, Feels like 25°F, Humidity 54%, Wind 3mph from NE

Shoes: Mileage (47.0) New Balance Fuel Cell Propel – Did every thing that I wanted again.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? More miles on the legs

Cardio Total: 3.92

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