Test Course Testing – RunLog 11/10/19

A better day outside than we have had lately, so I was able to get a bit of stuff done outside. It was actually kind of nice to get some fresh air without freezing my you know what off. 🙂

Planned Workout Description:

• Day: Sunday

• Type of Workout: Just run – run. Taking the Propel down onto my test course to see how they did.

• Course: Pepin Test Course

• Distance: 4.01

• Duration: 34:37

• Pace: 8:38

• Clothes: Adidas socks, Skora running pants, Reebok compression shorts, tech s/s, tech l/s, New Balance running jacket, Saucony beanie, NB running ballcap

• Rating (1-4): 2

• Running Streak Day #: 17

• Weather: 40*F, Feels like 35*F, Humidity 44%, Wind 7 mph from SS@

Variables that impacted the run: A bit tired, right hip, wore my toe separator on my right foot

Comments: I was surprised at the intensity of the wind when I first started out! It was a wind tunnel coming down Philbrick and while the official wind speed was 7 mph, this felt closer to 15-20 mph until I crested the hill.

Going down the big hill, the Propels protected me while picking up the pace a little. Then when I got to the 1.0 mile mark, I decided to go a little faster than comfortable, but not anything all that hard. Everything felt smooth and controlled through 2.0 miles.

Coming back up the hill the Propels felt good, but are nothing special as climbers. I did pick the pace back up a little after the hill. The run was nothing all that special, other than it solidified my initial impressions of the Propel on a course that I check out how my newer shoes are going to react to a variety of scenarios while running.

Shoes: Mileage: (11.0) New Balance Fuel Cell Propel. They did everything that I asked of them on my test course. The Propels were smooth, comfortable and didn’t get in my way when I decided to pick up the pace a little.

While they do not encourage me to run faster, I can run faster in them, but they would not be my choice for a fast 5 or 10K. However, I might seriously think about them for something longer, once I get a couple of long runs in them.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? I am continuing to see how I run in the Propels and running comfortably.

Non Running Comments: In the afternoon, I put up a single section of rail fencing at the end of SD2’s turn around in her driveway. It is there to help her and others who use her driveway judge where the end of the turn-around is, so they don’t drive off the 4 foot bank into the water hazard.

After thatI got rake and then mow leaves – one of my least favorite things is raking (my back doesn’t like it) – so the lawn mower is a good choice. Just more getting ready for winter – it is coming sooner than later.

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