One of Those No-Zone Runs – RunLog 11/7/19

It was one of the cloudy, overcast days where it was a damp cold that just chilled you to the bone once you got outside. It was supposed to and did rain this afternoon and at the house the temps never got above 38*F.

Also I am probably in the initial stages of getting a cold, always such a joyful thing. The sniffling, snuffling, sneezing and runny eyes are just enough to make you a bit miserable, but not really bad enough to shut things down. So it might be a long weekend if I don’t knock this thing down pretty quickly.

Planned Workout Description: Something a little faster, either in town or Middle Road.

• Day: Thursday

• Time of Day: 10:07a

• Course: Middle Road Loop

• Distance: 5.03

• Time of Run: 43:46

• Pace: 8:41

• Type of Workout: A little faster run

• Rating (1-4): 2

• Running Streak Day #: 14

• Weather: Overcast, 38*F, feels like 38*F, Humidity 72%, Wind 2 mph SSW

Variables that impacted the run: A bit chillier, full cold weather gear including running mittens, which I took off the last mile

Comments: Once I got going it wasn’t that bad weather-wise, it was more getting out the door again after walking the dogs. They poke along and stop to sniff just about everything, so by the time we got home, I was thoroughly chilled even though I did wear my parka this morning.

I just kind of putzed along until I got down to Shepard Road, where I picked up the pace a little. I briefly thought about going for a segment time, but decided not to do it.

I ran the hills on the Middle Road a little harder and then ran more comfortably the last 2.0 miles. There is something about the dirt road as soon as I get on it, I just seem to slow down.

Shoes Worn: Nike Zoom Fly v1 (Blue) They just run well for me, no issues or problems. Even running on the dirt road, I felt confident in the way they gripped. However, if I had gone later in the rain, I would have definitely chosen a different pair of shoes to run in.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)?

Cardio Total: 2.76

Non Running Comments: The contractor got started on widening SD2’s driveway around noon time. So hopefully she will be able to park vehicles side-by-side now, which will make visiting or working over there a lot easier

Did the Thursday afternoon errands in Waterville and on the way back stopped at the Town Office to register Clifford and Bennie. Yeah, Clifford was a lot more expensive, but Bennie is more in our hearts.

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