A Bit Longer Today – RunLog 11/4/19

Sometimes you just got to relax and enjoy the day.

It was a chilly start – that down in the mid 20’s *F kind of stuff for Bennie’s first walk, but the sun was out and it warmed up pretty quickly.

Planned Workout Description: Mondays are my easy run day, usually 5-7 miles.

  • Day: Monday
  • Time of Day: 10:47a
  • Course: Goodhue 7.0 Miler
  • Distance: 7.03
  • Time of Run: 1:02:31
  • Pace: 8:54
  • Type of Workout: Easy
  • Rating: 2
  • Running Streak Day #: 11
  • Weather: Clear, 45*F, Feels like 44*F, Humidity 53%, Wind 3 mph W – Felt a bit stronger coming back

Variables that impacted the run: Light breeze coming back, overdressed a little, GI break in the woods at 3.0 miles

Comments: I started out pretty slowly and then picked up a bit as I went along. However, what I focused on the most was just having an efficient arm swing. I can feel the difference when I get my forearms up a little higher and swing them backwards purposely.

When I drop my hands it is almost like it creates a drag and is slow down a little, until I realize what is happening.

Other than that it was a pretty nice run, even if I was running against the wind.

Shoes Worn: Nike Zoom Fly v1 Blue (139.6) I wanted to get a longer run in them to see how they felt. It is almost like my feet are rebelling and at various times they were uncomfortable, while at others they felt great. The ZF felt as good as any shoes that I have run in this year.

The best thing is that my lower left leg did not bother, which was a concern, because these are the shoes I was running in, when the stress fracture happened back in June. After that I was a lot hesitant to wear the Zoom Fly v1s again. Now I am not.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? More miles in the books.

Cardio Total: 3.36

Non Running Comments: After getting back from our Weekly Sam’s Club expedition, I had to do something that I have been procrastinating since July.

Installs new lights. I hate working with electricity and delay it until I cannot any longer. Once I got going, it was not that bad, but my bad shoulder let me know why I don’t want to do a lot of overhead work.

I got all four overhead lights installed and only had to go back and fix one set of wires, because SD1’s bedroom didn’t have electricity. Somehow one wire slipped just enough to not be making contact. It took a couple of minutes to figure out the problem, but everything works fine now.

I just would not make a good electrician and I don’t claim to be one. I know enough to be dangerous, but not enough to overly helpful beyond the basic tasks.

One comment

  1. I often feel the difference my arms make too. I have to make a conscious effort to lower my arms and have my thumbs brush my thighs. It’s funny but I can’t do this until I’m completely warmed up, but it definitely gets me moving faster

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