Yes, Hunting Season Has Started – RunLog 11/2/19

Today marks the first day of hunting season up heah in Maine. So there was an over-abundance of traffic down-back. It is one of the last areas that is fairly wooded and is not completely posted.

Bob Campbell was kind enough to take the photo in front of his herd, while we were solving the issues of the Universe.

This also means that for safety’s sake, I take my normal bright plumage to even higher levels. I prefer not to be mistaken for a deer and if I dress like this that ain’t gonna be an issue.

Planned Workout Description: Long Run

  • Day: Saturday
  • Time of Day: 11:53a

• Type of Workout: Turned into easy running

• Running Streak Day #: 9

• Weather: Clear, 43*F, Feels like 43*, Humidity 53%, Wind 1 mph from SSE (bullshit), it felt a lot closer 5-10 mph and the feels like temp was more like in the 30s

Variables that impacted the run: Shoes not working, lots of drivers wearing orange being around, stopping to talk with Bob and running with Mary

Comments: Run #1 – I started out comfortably and quickly went slower. By the time I got to the dirt road my left heel was explaining how unhappy it was. I slowed down more and attempted to change my gait just enough to ease the discomfort.

Yeah, right – I turned around at the 1.0 mile mark and foresee a quick trip to Goodwill for the Mach 1’s pretty soon. I have never had heel issues like I have had with this model. It just doesn’t work for me.

Run #2 – I decided to wear the Altra Duo (W) and they felt a lot better, but they definitely need to be broke in before I can say that they are pretty comfortable. I can run in decently in them, but it might be a little longer before I can say that I enjoy running in them.

When I was coming up the hill by the Town Office, Bob stopped and we chatted for about 10 minutes. Needless to say standing there in that chilly weather, I stiffened up pretty quickly and when I started out, I felt like some old geezer who can’t even walk good, much less run good.

Oh, wait, I am an old geezer – oh well the truth hurts.

It took almost a half mile to get the body/legs back into running order.

After heading down Blake Hill, I met up with Mary. With the amount of traffic, strangers and weirdos out and about, I turned around and ran with her. We never run together, our paces are too incompatible and neither one of us gets the run in we want.

However, the idea of safety first meant that I slowed down and we gabbed a lot.

Shoes Worn: Hoka Mach 1 – (27.1) They are going away.

Altra Duo v1 (Women’s) – Like I said before they have some breaking in to do and they will not be my primary trainers, but a once a week tweak the form shoes. They do force me to run with a little less heel first landing.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? I ran.

Non Running Comments: Before running this morning Mary, SD2 and I went for a walk with the dogs over at Colby. It was nice and not overly difficult, more of a walk on groomed trails to give the dogs some new smells than a hike.

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