Rain, Rain and Treadmilling Again – RunLog 10/31/19

One of the things about living in a rural area is that even though it is Halloween and we had treats all ready, no children laughing in costumes crossed our threshold, which is something that I do miss. Oh well, that is just part of living out here.

More rain, but Bennie loves playing in the puddles and there are plenty of them, so he was happy.

Me, I am tired of it and I decided to do another run on the treadmill. I know boring, but I had a plan that I couldn’t do if I ran outside, so things worked out pretty well.

Planned Workout Description: Treadmill – 3 miles in Altra Duo (Blue/Yellow) and 3 Miles in NB 1400 v6

  • Day: Thursday
  • Time of Day: 9:54

• Type of Workout: Both runs were easy, but the 1400’s was purposely a bit quicker just because I feel faster in them.

• Running Streak Day #: 7

• Weather: Indoor

Variables that impacted the run: Planned change of shoes at 3.0 miles, GI issues

Comments: Both runs were at easier paces and were just typical treadmill runs. Keep running, do the time and miles until the screen says you completed that number of miles.

Run #1 – All at 6.8 mph

Run #2 – All at 7.0 mph – although I really did want to up the pace and if I had I would have blamed it on the shoes. 😉

Shoes Worn:

Altra Duo v1 (Women’s Model) – (7.0) – Yep and I do believe that there is a difference in the firmness of the women’s model versus the men’s Duo model that I have.

The two runs that I have done in them just feel more cush. Perhaps it is because most women runners would typically be a bit lighter than I am at this shoe size and the shoe needs to be a bit softer to meet the lighter weight requirements.

They did better on the treadmill than the men’s version for me as well, through the 3.0 miles I used them for there was none of that issue I have with my right foot discomfort.

Also surprisingly, they seem to fit my weirdly shaped feet better than the men’s version too. So I can see them getting a few more runs than they have lately, they are intriguing, but I also have to be careful with how much I run in the zero drop shoes. The laces will also be changed out, hating those skinny laces.

New Balance 1400 v6 – (30.2) – I actually just wanted to get them to the 30 mile threshold which is my cue to do a review. Yeah, I do my race/go fast shoes at that mileage versus 50, because I don’t run that much in them.

They did exactly what I expect of them. I put them on, lace them up and run comfortably in them, wherever I am running.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? More miles on the legs, finding out the shoes that work and getting ready to review another pair.

Cardio Total: 2.62

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