Tired of Drizzle-Treadmilling – RunLog 10/28/19

With the drizzle still going on and the wonderful low 40’s temp, instead of beating my head against the proverbial wall, I decided to head into Planet Fitness and do my run on the treadmill.

It isn’t that couldn’t have run outside, I just felt like running in short/t-shirt today.

Planned Workout Description: Something between 5 and 7 miles at an easier pace.

• Day: Monday

• Time of Day: 11:13a & 11:43a

• Type of Workout: #1 was just running comfortably at 7.0 mph and #2 I decided pick up the pace a bit with 5 x .1 strides @ 9.1 mph or faster, with 6.7 mph recovery.

• Rating (1-4): #1 – 2, #2 – 3

• Running Streak Day #: 4

• Weather: Indoor

Variables that impacted the run: Didn’t really have a plan for what I actually wanted to do, besides get some more miles on the Mach 1.

Comments: Run #1 I set the speed to 7.0 mph and kept it there the entire run. Unfortunately, underneath the Tailor’s Bunionette was getting very sore. Now, this is not an uncommon thing for me on the treadmill in a lot of shoes.

I believe the cause is that when I maintain a constant speed that my foot strike remains too consistent and I tend to land on the outside of my right foot too much, which aggravates that area after a coupe miles.

That is what I figure happened today. However, since that long run and the 5.0 miler a coupe days later a few weeks ago, that area has been more tender than usual. So instead of bulling through for a couple more miles, I stopped to go change shoes.

Run #2 – After putting on my New Balance 1400 v6, I decided that I would go a little faster: Mile 1 – 7.5 mph and Mile 2 – 7.6 mph. After that I was still feeling really good, so I did 5 x .1 (9.1, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.6), with 6.7 mph recoveries.

I was pretty sure that the 1400s would be fine and I got lucky and while they felt a bit off from usual, it was not enough to slow me down too much.

Shoes Worn: Hoka Mach 1 (20.1) – The Mach 1 is not a good choice for treadmilling and I did change out the insoles one more time to an old pair of Pearl Izumi that I know work well with my feet. It may be that the Mach 1 is not a perfect fit with my feet. But damn I do love the way that I run in them. A complaint that I have had with every Hoka shoe I have run in, in the past with the exception of the Carbon X.

New Balance 1400 v6 (27.2) – The 1400s are a shoe that I know that I can run comfortably and well in. They are not fussy about which socks I wear and do well on the treadmill or outside.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? Learned more about the Mach 1s and how I can use them. Also got some faster/quality miles in after I changed my shoes.

Cardio Total: 3.17

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