Running in the Cold Rain – RunLog 10/27/19

I really, really wanted to take the day off. After yesterday’s longer run and blister session on the lower part of my left heel, I didn’t have a lot of motivation. Then when you add in a cold, miserable rain with temps hovering just under 40*F at the house…well it was an easy choice.

I am not a big fan of running outside when it is cold and raining, I have had some pretty bad experiences in those conditions in the past. Plus as I get older, cold does affect me more, so I tend to find a treadmill and prefer the running in shorts/t-shirt thing.

Which meant that, I went outside for my run. Sometimes you just have to do things that you find hard, just because they are harder for you to do.

Planned Workout Description: A 4.0 mile easy/recovery run to check out how changing the insoles in the Mach 1 felt after yesterday’s blister.

  • Day: Sunday
  • Time of Day: 10:57a
  • Course: Town Office 4.0 Miler
  • Distance 4.03
  • Time of Run: 37:20
  • Pace: 9:15
  • Type of Workout: Recovery
  • Rating: 2
  • Running Streak Day #: 4
  • Weather: Rain, 42*F, Feels like 42*F, Humidity 83%, Wind 2 mph from E

Variables that impacted the run: Rain on dirt road, extra clothes that were soaked, reduced vision

Comments: Getting out the door was tougher than any other part of the run. Yeah, that was an understatement to say the least.

However, once I got going, it really wasn’t all that bad. Yeah, it was raining, yeah it was chilly and yeah there was some slimy stuff on the dirt road, but I was dressed just right something over my ears, a hat to keep the rain sort of off my glasses, gloves for my hands, a wind jacket to well it soaked through pretty quick.

I never really pushed the pace and kept plugging along. Well until I got back to the Circle and I pushed a little harder, but nothing crazy.

Initially, the blister on my left heel from yesterday complained a little, but after a few minutes I kind of forgot about it and by the end it was not an issue.

When I got done, yeah I was soaked through, a little muddy on the shoes and back of the legs, but I did have a nice smile on my face and was glad that I ran outside today.

It was one of those runs where you don’t run all that fast, but is one that helps you strengthen your resolve about just running and having a little fun a long the way.

Yep, I might have found a mud puddle or two and stomped through them, while laughing just a bit. I know, I know I am a crazy old bastard, but I am going to have some fun along them crazy journey I am on.

Shoes Worn: Hoka Mach 1 (17.0) — After yesterday’s run in the Mach 1 I needed a confidence builder in them. There was just something off with my left foot and the stock insole, so switching those out was something I did this morning.

No issues this morning with the shoes and they felt fine during the run. I am finding that they are a bit finicky about what socks they work best with and I am still looking for the ones that feel good when wearing them.

The jury is still out on how much I am going to actually like the fit of the Mach 1, but I know that I love the way they feel when I run in them.

The Mach 1 did a decent job on the slime and wet dirt down-back. Better than most of the shoes I have worn lately anyway that were not trail shoes, so that was encouraging.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? Nice recovery run. Different insoles made a big difference in how my left foot felt while running.

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