Running Felt Pretty Good – RunLog 10/26/19

Okay, some chores, dog walking and then I got to set off for a longer run over in Waterville.

It was kind of interesting to say the least.

Planned Workout Description: I really wanted to do 10, but I kind of figured that I would be happy with 7-8 miles.

  • Day: Saturday
  • Time of Day: 11:21a
  • Course: Waterville to China Road and through Head of Falls dirt road
  • Distance 8.01
  • Time of Run: 1:10:15
  • Pace: 8:46
  • Type of Workout: Easy Longer Run
  • Rating: 2
  • Running Streak Day #: 2
  • Weather: Clear, 51*F – Feels like 51*F, Humidity 62%, Wind 4 mph from N

Variables that impacted the run: Put the original insoles back in Mach’s

Comments: It was actually a pretty routine run, I was enjoying the shoes and everything was going great, until I got over by the Body Shop on the China Road, I bet you can tell just about where it happened. 🙂

When a Big F#$%ing Dog came out and attempted to see what one of my chicken wings tasted like.

Luckily he misjudged the backswing by just enough and when I turned around.

That backed him off just enough and then when I started yelling to get the f-ing dog out of here, waving my arms and stuff, he figured that I wasn’t worth the effort. Besides his human was calling him and he loped off. I was glad, because this was one of those dogs that would have made mincemeat out me.

That might have gotten the old heart thump a little harder.

After that I thought about the many different ways that 150+ pound dog would have torn me up and I know that there would not have been a lot I could have done to prevent it, if he had decided to attack. I gotta start carrying pepper spray again. These kind of encounters are just happening way too often lately.

After that I didn’t really pick up the pace, but when I got to McDonald’s I did have to stop for a quick break. No big deal, but I think that that encounter might have scared the crap out of me, more than I wanted to admit to myself at the time. 😉

I ran down to the 2 cent bridge and then headed up the paths a ways. However, I never realized that there was a dirt road that goes along the river once you get to the end of the Head of Falls developed area.

It was kind of nice not to have to fight traffic. I went up to the split took a left, went through the railroad yard and then crossed College Ave to get over to Ticonic. I have a feeling that I will run the rest of that course some other time just to see where it leads.

Once I got to the end of Ticonic, I had to stop and take off my right sock. There was something going on with my foot and, I really didn’t think it was the shoe.

Once I took off the sock and started running again, the problem with the right foot disappeared. So that was a good thing, but the Mach 1’s are not a shoe that I would want to go barefoot regularly in.

New Balance socks and Hoka shoes didn’t like each other too much 😉

However, my left foot began to bother in the heel area between the heel pad and the heel. A place I have never had any issues before. I didn’t stop to check it out during the run, but after, I found that I had developed a blister there???

Not sure where that came from or why, but will take a look at the insole and compare it others that haven’t bothered me to see if it is shaped weird or something.

Inspite of all the feet issues going on, when I got over to Cool Street, I was able to pick it up a little and felt good to the end of the run.

Shoes Worn: Hoka Mach 1 (13.04) – I loved the way they felt underfoot for the first 5-6 miles, then when I had to take off my sock, I noticed that my left heel was bothering. It was a pretty good sized blister between the heel pad and heel.

Otherwise the size 9.0 is a size too big, but I do really love how they feel when I am running in them. I didn’t feel any unusual heel slippage in them and when I ran sockless my right foot didn’t have any issues. Which means some sleuthing on my part to figure out why the blister formed on the left foot.

I do like the Mach 1, but not crazy about blisters, we will see where this goes too.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? Nice longer run, where I reinforced that I like the way that Hoka shoes feel underfoot. Now to figure out why I got a blister on my left foot.

Cardio Total: 3.12

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