Hiking and Running – RunLog 10/20/19

One of the few days this year, that Mary and I have had or made time to go for a hike. We didn’t really go that far, we went over to Reynolds Hill in Belgrade. It is a nice kind of a mid level non-technical hike, where we got to enjoy the great outdoors together.

Which was nice.

Sometimes you just have to put aside all of the little projects, jobs, chores and take time to do something you enjoy doing. Life is just too damn short not to enjoy the good things too.

Planned Workout Description: I wanted to get at least 3.0 miles in after yesterday’s longer run.

        • Day: Sunday
        • Time of Day: 4:56p
        • Course: Town Office 4.0 Miler
        • Distance: 4.05
        • Time of Run: 35:18
        • Pace: 8:43
        • Rating (1-4): 2
        • Running Streak Day #: 2
        • Weather: Mostly cloudy, 53*F, Feels like 53*F, Humidity 59%, Wind 2 mph W

Variables that impacted the run: I was fairly tired from the hike this morning

Comments: I wanted to try out my $29 special Altra Duo v1 – Women’s model to see if there is any difference between the Men’s and Women’s versions, besides the color, but first I needed to get a run in them.


I figured that I would head down-back and see how they did. No issues with the shoes, a little slappy in the forefoot to start, but that seemed to smooth out as I got a few miles on them. I was not going for speed and was running mostly on dirt roads. They felt a lot better on the first run than my men’s version.

Where the men’s version was very firm, the women’s version seemed to be a bit more cushioned feeling, so the initial ride impression was easy to figure out. Now to figure out the other differences, there should be a few.

Overall the run was nice, nothing more, nothing less.

Shoes Worn: Altra Duo v1 (Women’s) (4.05)

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? Another pair of new shoes and more miles on the legs.

Cardio Total: 5.07

Non Running Comments: SD2’s dryer stopped working and when I opened up the access panel, the drive belt had broken. I had to go to Augusta, go to two stores on the opposite ends of town and hope that the belt I found worked. Luckily the dryer had a video that I could watch on YouTube that showed me how easy it is to repair it. Once I figured things out, it took about 10 minutes to get it done and yes, the dryer believe it or not, actually worked correctly when I finished and there were no parts still laying on the floor. 🙂


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