Running In Newcastle – RunLog 10/16/19

Today was my semi-annual trip South to run with Sam W. down in New Hampshire. It is one of those trips that I look forward to each time. Sam is a great host and I get to talk about running shoes with someone who is a lot more knowledgeable about them than I am.

One of the big highlights is that Sam lets me look at, drool over and actually run in some fantastic shoes. Today’s offerings included the Nike Vapor Fly Next %, Hoka Carbon X, Topo’s latest and Skechers GoRun Ride, along with some Altra’s from last year.

Needless to say the highlight of all those shoe was the VF Next %. I put them on and just took them off. I knew that if ran in them that I would want a pair – badly. Then I put the right one back on again and just took it off.

Sam graciously offered to let me run in them this morning for the full course. I of course stupidly declined, but I really, really wanted to, but I don’t feel right wearing someone’s primary race shoes.

We did compare the upper on my Zoom Fly SP and his Vapor Fly Next and were surprised at the similarities between the two. However, there was no comparison between the the rest of the shoe.

I also am fairly certain that if I had run in the Vapor Fly Next this morning, I probably would have ordered a pair tonight and gotten in huge trouble with the better half.

However, I did like the feel of the Carbon X, better than the other shoes and Sam kindly offered to let me run in them. More on them later.

Planned Workout Description: Whatever Sam decided for a run, but nothing super hard or fast after yesterday’s harder workout.

  • Day: Wednesday
  • Time of Day: 10:21a
  • Course: Portsmouth-Newcastle O/B
  • Distance 5.58
  • Time of Run: 49:05
  • Pace: 8:47
  • Rating: 2
  • Running Streak Day #: 12
  • Weather: Clear, 52*F, Feels like 52*F, Humidity 72%, Wind 3 mph from ESE

Variables that impacted the run: New to me shoes, running with Sam, attempting to stay around 8:50 pace, stopping to take photos

Comments: Sam was attempting to use some new features of a GPS watch he was testing, so there was a learning curve and we needed check the unit every so often during the run – it was kind of neat trying to figure out a few things that were going on with it.

The run itself was very enjoyable, Sam and I gabbed about running, talked running shoes, caught up on what been going on in our lives and ran comfortably.

Yeah, the views down in New Castle are awesome and one of the highlights of running there.

Photo by Sam Winebaum of

Shoes Worn: Hoka Carbon X – These shoes had very few miles on them, so it was like running in new shoes. Shoes that had a big rocker up front, a carbon plate and a pretty wide footprint. However, the big thing for me is that these were the first Hoka shoes that fit my weirdly shaped feet.

I was able to run over 5.5 miles with no hot spots, blisters and my right foot was very, very happy when we finished.

The only complaint that I might have about them is the lack of grip that the outsole will have. However, these are definitely road shoes and while they can do fine on dry dirt, they wouldn’t be that great on much more than that.

This is model of shoe that will find its way to my feet in the near future. Very seldom am I able to run this well in new shoes that are so different from what I normally run in.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? It was a nice recovery run after yesterday’s tougher workout. Plus I got run with Sam and pick his brain about running, running shoes and other stuff.

The other thing is that I think I figured out why the Altra Impulse were bothering my right foot so much.

The drain hole that sits directly under my Tailor’s Bunionette creates a small gap under the stroebel/insole and the back edge of the gap presses up against it and after a few miles begins to aggravate things and the discomfort only gets worse as I run longer.

While it is great to know what is causing the shoes to cause the discomfort, there is no fix that is going to work to let me continue running in the Impulse. Which sucks, because I do run well in them, but if they are going to bother my feet, it just is not worth running in them.

They will either become walking shoes or go away.

Cardio Total: 1.36

Weight: 159

Non Running Comments: It was a great day talking and running with Sam, I really look forward to these visits.

Unfortunately, while backing out it seemed like something fetched up and then made several banging sounds when I drove forward. I went ahead and looked underneath the vehicle and didn’t see anything wrong, but it bothered me enough that I didn’t bother stopping in Kittery to shop for Mary’s birthday as I planned.

I just drove tentatively for a few miles and everything seemed to hold together, so I headed North. No issues, but it was in the back of my mind just about the whole trip. I did stop in Portland and did some shopping, but I just wanted to get the truck home. I got home without any issues, but I am going to make an appointment to get it looked at, if for not other reason than satisfying my own fears.


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