Run Till You Drop Treadmill Workout – RunLog 10/15/19

Another one of those great Fall days where you simply want to be outside, so of course I did part of my workout today on the treadmill.

Normally, I would have simply headed over to the Colby Track and done my “fast for me” workout there, because it was so nice. However, I wanted to hit specific paces for most of the time I was running fast and the treadmill makes sure that I am doing what I am supposed to do.

The only real question was what shoes to wear.

Planned Workout Description: A hard 5K, where I would attempt to run at a sub 7:00 minute pace for as long as I could without dipping into the well too much and then drop down to 7.0 mph for .1 and then pick it back up to race pace until I needed to slow back down again – repeat until 5K is done.

  • Day: Tuesday
  • Time of Day: 12:00p

• Running Streak Day #: 11

• Weather: Indoors and Clear/Bright Sunshine, 58°F, Feels like 58°F, Humidity 37%, Wind 8mph from WNW

Variables that impacted the run: Deciding which shoes to wear, running indoors on the treadmill and doing a bit different workout than usual

Comments: The mile warm-up felt faster than the 6.7 mph I had the treadmill set to, but I was able to run comfortably for the mile.

I still was not sure of what I was going to do other than set the treadmill on 8.7 mph and run until I started to feel like crap, then I slowed down to something between 6.7 and 7.0 mph to recover for .1 then go again until I needed to recover again.

I did that for 3.1 miles and struggled a lot the entire second half of the run. It wasn’t easy, but if I was able to run that pace outside in a race, it would have been a post 60 5K personal best.

So while I struggled, overall I was able to push myself harder than I have for a while. I really think that this workout is probably going to be a staple of my winter faster stuff. Hopefully, I can at some point make the 5K distance at the faster paces without slowing down. Once I do that, I have a feeling that I will either work on holding that pace for 10K or attempting to go faster and chase another elusive goal – that will remain unnamed for now.

After cooling-off and changing my shirt (which I wrung a bit of sweat out of), I decided to head outside to do my cool-down. It was just too damn nice a day to only do the treadmill.

Also I knew that if I ran on the treadmill, I would run too fast and end up doing .1 strides at way too fast a pace. So going outside was my way of ensuring that I would go slower and just enjoy the run versus making it another workout.

Which is what I did, I kept things in the 9:00 minute pace range and even though I saw another runner ahead of me I didn’t really attempt to pick up the pace to catch him. Although he was going slow enough that I almost did anyway before he turned right when I went left.

It was kind of nice doing the cool-down part of the workout off the treadmill and I might do this more often, if the weather cooperates.

Shoes Worn: On the treadmill I wore the New Balance 1400 v6, I wanted to see how they performed on the treadmill and if my they hurt my right foot at all. Performance was great and no issues with the right foot at all.

When I went outside, I wore the Altra Impulse. I really wanted to see if the soreness in the right foot last time was a fluke or if it is just the way the Impulse let my feet land that cause the issue. I have a feeling that it is a combination of the firmness and low drop that cause part of the issue. It is the same one that I had in both pair of Instincts that I ran in and eventually it just get worse.

So while the discomfort never got too bad, the beginnings of it getting worse, got worse the longer I ran, so it would be an issue for me going forward. Which sucks, because I do really like the Impulse, but I have gotten used to shoes that actually work for me that I no longer put up with shoes that cause discomfort on my feet. Which means that the Impulse will move over to being my primary walking shoes until winter and then I will dig them out in the Spring.

It seems like I have a pretty decent “go faster” running shoe combo now in the Nike Zoom Fly SP and New Balance 1400 v6. I run a little better in the ZF, but would not take them out in nasty weather or groomed trails, which I would with the 1400s without worrying about it at all. Both are comfortable and just let me focus on running, not how my feet are feeling.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? I have a new “go faster” workout to add to my collection and also learned more about which running shoe work for me and what doesn’t.

Cardio Total: 3.72

Non Running Comments: It was a bit of a mixed up day and going to Waterville after Bennie’s long walk, but before I worked out, had me all discombobulated. However, I got lunch and a nap in, before having to walk the dogs again, so everything worked.

Now to get ready for a NH trip tomorrow and run with Sam W. I do enjoy those runs, more for the friendship it brings and the conversations we have on a wide variety of subjects, including running shoes.

However, it does mean that I will have to stop in Portland on the way home and take care of a fairly extensive Trader Joe’s list and who know maybe even pick up the rest of Mary’s birthday presents for next week.

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