Memories and Running over to Camp Benson – RunLog 10/10/19

That breeze out of the Northeast today was cold, but luckily that storm is staying to South of us, which I will not complain about at all.

I also went up to visit Dad and went out for lunch. He is very excited that his Yankees and Patriots are doing great and hopes that it continues. We talked a lot, drove by the old house, my Uncle’s old farm (that has been torn down recently)…

his Uncle’s house Dwight Pennel (where he spent some of his teen years), took more than a few trips down memory lane and just enjoyed our time together.

After visiting with Dad, I needed the run to sort through some emotions and drove back to Newport to run a few miles.

Planned Workout Description: I really didn’t know what I would end up doing today or if I would have the energy to run, so I left it pretty much up in the air.

  • Day: Thursday
  • Time of Day: 12:32p
  • Course: Newport Rail Trail-Camp Benson-Golf Course Rd Loop plus Newport Loop
  • Distance: 7.2
  • Time of Run: 1:03:23
  • Pace: 8:47
  • Rating (1-4): 2
  • Running Streak Day #: 6
  • Weather: Mostly Cloudy, 59°F, Feels like 59°F, Humidity 48%, Wind 5mph from NE

Variables that impacted the run: It was a bit breezy and I didn’t bring the correct shoes for the run that I thought I might be doing, especially since around the first 3 or so miles were packed dirt.

Comments: Okay, I needed this run more to clear my head than to have it be a quality training run. Sometimes that is all I want from my running and you know something that was enough today.

It took about 4.0 miles to get my head wrapped around my emotions and once I did, I decided to pick up the pace a little.

Unfortunately, at about 5.0 miles, my right foot under my wonderful Tailor’s Bunionette started to bother and did through the next couple of miles. It was one of those things that I have experienced with other shoes and is because of the way I land on the outside of my foot in certain shoes when I pick up my pace.

Overall, it was a decent run, where I got to clear my head.

Shoes Worn: Altra Impulse (34.1) – The Impuse did really good on the packed dirt rail trail and roads over through Camp Benson to the Golf Course Road.

However, when I picked up the pace coming back down Rt 7, the outside of my right foot started to bother. I was focusing more on landing midfoot/forefoot and this is something that I deal with when I use that stride.

Other than that I really like the Impuse, but I have a feeling that they might be distance limited for running faster due to how they feel. I will try them again on a longer run and only run slower in them to see how they feel.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? More miles on the legs and figuring out how I am going to use the Altra Impulse.

Cardio Total: 3.22

Weight: 158

Non Running Comments: The cheesecake and whoopie pie from Annie’s tasted great after supper tonight.

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