Lots of Talking & a Little Running – RunLog 10/9/19

A chilly start to the day, but not crazy cold for this time of year, so I was looking forward to a nice recovery run after yesterday’s “fun” day at the track.

UMA – I walked through those doors more than a couple of times. 🙂

However, last night before I showered, I looked in the mirror and lawd o’mighty I damn near scared myself. My hair looked like I had jammed my finger in a light socket!

At that point I told Mary that I was badly in need of a haircut. She laughed a bit and agreed whole-heartedly with me. So this morning I headed in a got a few or more hairs lopped off.

It is pretty disheartening to see all that gray stuff falling in your lap while you are sitting there listening to the clippers whirring away. I am glad that I still have this problem, but the hair coloring is all wrong. 🤪

After that I went for a run:

Planned Workout Description: Initially, I had planned on doing my recovery/easy run – 4.0 mile Wildwood O/B, but with me needing a haircut, I decided to probably do the 4.0 mile course from Planet Fitness.

  • Day: Wednesday
  • Time of Day: 10:57a
  • Course: Planet Fitness-Leighton-UMA Loop
  • Distance: 5.58
  • Time of Run: 50:19
  • Pace: 9:00
  • Running Streak Day #: 5
  • Rating (1-4): 2
  • Weather: Clear, 55°F, Feels like 55°F, Humidity 68%, Wind 4mph from NE

Variables that impacted the run: Pretty much perfect weather, Today was stop and visit day.

Comments: After getting my haircut, I felt pretty streamlined, lighter and ready to run. Which meant that I had to be careful not to overdo things this morning.

I started out slower than usual and when I got to the road, I had to stop and talk with Jon about his experience at the Maine Half Marathon on Sunday. He ran a 1:54 something, which just a bit better than the 1:56 I said he would run at least last week. I congratulated him. He also introduced me to one of his co-workers, who ran it sub 8:00’s and I congratulated him as well.

After talking with them for a bit, I got back on the road. Going out Outer Civic Center Dr. was a bit breezy, but not horrible, then while I was running down Leighton, I decided to run down along Bond Brook and up through UMA.

I have not done this loop in a while and didn’t look forward to going up the hill to in front of the Library, but I figured it wouldn’t be that bad.

Unfortunately, it was that bad and I slowed down pretty badly once I turned the corner off of Bond Brook Road. Once I got to the top, I knew that I had to make a pit stop.

I worked there for a couple of years and made some good friends, so instead of immediately heading out the door, I went and did some visiting. It was good to see so many old friends and we made plans to go out for lunch to catch up a bit more and when I probably will smell a lot better.

After that I just headed back to Planet Fitness, although going under the I95 bridges was a bit hairy with all the traffic. Other than the UMA Hill, it is the one part of this course that I really dislike. It is dangerous and there is not any place for pedestrians to safely traverse this section of road.

Shoes Worn: Altra Duo v1 – This was the best run yet in these shoes, they are starting to get broke in, so hopefully they keep getting more comfortable.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? It was more miles on the legs and shoes. Plus I got to talk with friends – which I don’t really do often enough.

Cardio Total: 5.98

Weight: 157

Non Running Comments: Lots of lawn mowing this afternoon, so I definitely got lots of cardio today.

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