Bobcats, Segments and Lots of Fun – RunLog 10/5/19

After taking the day off yesterday, just because I needed a rest day, I was ready to have a good run today.

However, when I got up, I noticed that we had our first real frost of the season. It is always something that I tend to dread, because I also know what is coming next.

You can just make out the frost on top of the vehicles and garage roof

By the time I got to running, the weather was just about perfect and the body felt about as good as it has in a while.

Bennie and I did have a bit of an adventure, while we were walking home down-back, a couple of Bobcat younger cats walked out on the road about 20 yards in front of us.

No, I didn’t attempt to take a photo!!!

I was more concerned about where momma was. Bennie was barking his fool head off and I had zeroed in their actions, actually it was more like tunnel vision.

I puffed up and put my hands over my head and was making a hissing noise that cats usually do not like. I wanted to make it look like I was not worth the bother and make it look like Bennie wasn’t second breakfast.

Unfortunately, both of the bobcats were about his size. Momma would be bigger. If it came to fun and games this was going to get really bad – quickly. I looked down for a big rock or stick, while keeping one eye on the “kittens” and scanning for momma, who I figured was circling around to the other side of us.

It is pretty amazing how time slows down and how many different things you can keep track of, when you need to.

Then I heard a cough and growl in the woods behind the “kittens” and they turned around and jumped back into the woods..


That got the old adrenaline going pretty good. Hopefully, they were as surprised to see us there as we were to see them. Luckily a car was coming through and I let it go by before we headed over to where the bobcats had been.

Good old Bennie was more than willing to head into the woods and give chase. He was very disappointed when I didn’t “release the hounds”.

The rest of the walk home was pretty uneventful after that. However, I have a feeling that I might start carrying my belt knife and hiking pole a bit more often down-back for a while. Not that it would do a whole lot of good, but psychologically I feel safer, than I will without them.

Planned Workout Description: Today was supposed to be the Middle Road 5.0 Miler and strides after finishing.

  • Day: Saturday
  • Time of Day: 10:23a
  • Course: Middle Road 5.0 Miler
  • Distance: 5.0
  • Time of Run: 44:38
  • Pace: 8:52
  • Rating: 3
  • Running Streak Day #: 1
  • Weather: 48*F, Humidity 59%, Wind 7 mph NW

• Shoes Worn: Altra Impulse (24.9) Once I got going, I wanted to see how they performed while I attempted to capture a segment CR for me and then at while doing strides after running easy for a few miles.

No issues, I was able to pick up the pace in the Impulse quickly and easily. They do have a bit more ground feel and are fairly firm, but they are supposedly “go faster” shoes

Variables that impacted the run: I was feeling really good for a change mentally and physically. Knock on wood…I don’t want to jinx things too much.

Comments: Okay, I knew that I was going to do Middle Road, but I had been toying with the idea that I wanted to chase a personal segment CR down on Shepard Road. Mostly just because I can. However, I never really committed to doing it. Once I got down to the neighbor’s house, I decided that I sort of really wanted to do that.

C’mon man, shit or get off the pot!!!

Either you really want to or you really want to just run easy today. Make-up your friggin mind Harold!!!

At that point I had to make a choice.

Do it or not.

Something inside of me kicked in and told myself that I was going to do it. Then I did something strange. I asked myself are you committing to really going after this segment or are you going to get half-way through and blow it off? Whining about how hard this is.

I have not done that before, not at least in a long, long time. I was going along at an easy pace and thought about what I had asked myself. Then I told myself, I want it and I am committing to getting the personal segment CR.

Right then, I noticed a big shift in my focus and how I was looking at the run. The first part was now a warm-up down to the Shepard Road and then I was going to attack the segment and the rest of the run was a cool-down.

Which is a huge change from just heading out the door and chugging out another easy run.

When I got down to Shepard Road, I was ready and started off at a fast for me pace that I knew that I could hold, then I picked it up a just a hair faster. I wanted to push myself too, because that is what would be needed to get the segment.

I had a bit of rough patch down by the old beaver house, but I reminded myself that I had committed to accomplishing this and I forced myself to pick the pace back up while heading upta the Philbrick Farm. Once I got there it was all down-hill, so I pushed a little harder.

Did I get the personal segment CR – yep, by 8 seconds.

The rest of the run was pretty much what you would expect from an easy run. No real pushing the pace, a little slower going uphill and quicker going downhill. It was just relaxing and enjoying the day, the run and having committed to doing something and then doing it.

Unfortunately, by the time I got home I had to rush inside for a bathroom break and never did get back out to do those strides. Not a big deal, but I still would have liked to have gotten them in.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? It showed me that if I actually commit to doing something, that I can do it. Taking that segment became very important to me, not so much because I ran faster than usual, but because I did what I set out to do without second guessing or downplaying what I wanted to accomplish.

It was important to me this morning and I did it. Sometimes you have to have the small victories before I am able to move on to some of the bigger goals that I have.

Cardio (walking, elliptical, bike, mowing, etc.) Total: 4.32

Weight: 156

Non Running Comments: After that I helped SD1 & 2 move some stuff at their Dad’s and then I gardened a bit, got the garage ready so I can put the truck inside when I need to and just did some of the little things to get ready for the cold that is already here.

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