Facebook Keep it or Leave it – Oct 2019

A while back, I started to really look at how I was using technology and focused on how it was using me as much as I was using it. It has been over a month since I have started this process, so I wanted to stop and reflect a little on my progress.

First up – Facebook. Yeah it is the elephant in the room when it comes to social media, but it has also insinuated itself into our lives as the easiest way to keep in contact with friends, family and old friends that you would have lost touch with otherwise.

I have waffled on this decision more than any other regarding my technology use!

I have also deleted it twice in the last month then gone back in and re-activated it again after a couple of weeks. It is not so much that I need my Facebook account, but more that I enjoy being able to contact those people when I like. Yeah, phone calls, emails and all that other stuff work, but it is not the same.

Which means that I have come to the conclusion that I will be keeping my Facebook account active, but using it differently than I had in the past.

I have stopped following all the brands on Facebook and also organizations that I really am not an active participant of at this time. Also I have unfriended a lot of people who I vaguely know/knew through work, running or life, but felt that they needed to “friend” me on Facebook.

It does mean that my time line is pretty lean, but that is okay, quality makes up for quantity in my mind.

Oh yeah, I have also deleted any Facebook related/owned app(s) off all my devices and can only get to it via the browser. This will help keep the Facebook tracking down a little and keep my useage limited compared to what it was.

So while the idea that I was going to delete my Facebook account did happen (twice), but I found that it was more advantageous to me to have it active for when family and friends want or need to get ahold of me quickly and easily or if I want to follow along with how their lives are going vicariously – I can.

Definitely not the direction that I was originally going to take with it, but it is the correct one for me at this time.

It does not mean that I am thrilled to still be on Facebook, but I have changed a bunch of internal settings, got rid of a lot of groups and brands that were cluttering my timeline and cut-back significantly on the number of people I follow.

If these changes do not make me happier with my Facebook experience, then the next time I delete my account…well we will see if I need a next time first.

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