A Tough Week is Over – Ending 9/29/19

This week has been one of those, where you scratch your head and just go with the flow.

You might have noticed that I have discussed driving to Boston and back home twice this week. Someone we know is in the hospital and not doing well, so we are helping out with driving duties for family members to be there or get back home. I used to work in Boston and don’t mind driving down there too much.

However, I am learning that the driving to Boston and back is tough on me physically (my lower back doesn’t like sitting that long) and having to focus for over 8 hours of driving in that short amount of time gets the brain pretty tired/foggy by the time I get home.

Although I found that if I go for a run at some point during the drive, it seems to help a little.

All this driving has impacted the running a lot more than I expected for a couple of days after the driving. I guess as I get older it takes more out of me to drive that much in a day.

Also, I am making a few changes to how the RunLog entries look. When I updated my iPad Pro from IOS 12.4 to the new iPad OS, I lost everything in my Numbers Spreadsheet from August 29th on and had to recreate those entries.

Luckily most weeks I do a screen shot of the week, but I hadn’t done a couple lately and it made it more difficult to update, especially since I stopped wearing my Garmin on most runs.

In order to avoid this issue again (not that it happens all that often, it is just when it does it is a pain in the butt), I will be wearing my Garmin watches most of the time, so that the stats will be there if I do need them.

Plus I have made my RunLog posts look more like a running log entry than the free form writing that I have been using most of the time. Having a template forces me to record more data and think about what happened during the run more consistently than I have before.

Running this week

While I was happy that I got to over 30 miles for the week, it was not really the week that I had expected when the week began.

Week ending 9/29/19

The trips to Boston did affect my running more than I wanted to admit to myself. Enough that I decided not to run in a race that I had planned on for a couple of weeks. I just was not in a good space physically or mentally and decided that nothing good would come of running the race. It would have been a waste of $30 bucks.

I just felt…well tired and out of sorts all week, so the running suffered.

Although I did run more in the Zoom Fly SP to get them over 50 miles earlier in the week and will be reviewing them soon.

However, none of the workouts or times are what I consider to be super high quality, it was more get this done and move on, than focus, push the pace and dig to get where I wanted to be.

The New Balance Beacon 2s have over 200 miles on them and I will doing a review of them and that milestone soon.

I even had a pretty good run in the Altra Impulse down at Back Cove in Portland.

This run showed me I could run well in them and they just felt comfortable

The Reality is that

It was not the week that I wanted or expected, but I still managed to get in some decent quality work, the mileage was almost where I wanted it, but we were able to help out someone who needed it, so that was more important than my running.

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