Middle Road & Strides – RunLog 9-27-19

So after the longer dog walk this morning, I needed to sit a little longer than usual before starting my run. Not a big deal, but…I just felt pretty drained after only a 2.0 mile walk, so I waited about a half hour instead of the usual 10 minutes. Trying to listen to the body.

Since I have decided that I won’t be doing a race on Sunday and didn’t get to do a long run yesterday as I originally planned, I figured that today with the way I felt that I would just do an easy run around Middle Road and then a set of strides after I got done.

Running Log #1

Day: Friday

Date: 9/27/19

Time of Day: 11:29 AM

Time of Run: 27:22

Distance: 3.01

Pace: 9:06

Course: Middle Road Loop

Location: Sidney, Maine

Weather: 63*F, 65% Humidity, Wind 5 mph WNW

Shoes Worn: New Balance Beacon 2

Variables that impacted the run: I am still more than a little tired from yesterday’s 8 hour trip down to Boston and back. There is just something about driving for that long that my back just doesn’t like and the extended focus needed really seems to take it out of me a lot more than it used to.

Comments: During the run I was just in get it done mode. Actually most of my paces were right around the 9:00 mark and I ended up just over that, so while the run felt slow and sluggish, it wasn’t as bad as I thought while I was out there. It was a really great day weather-wize for running and while the body wasn’t into it, I did enjoy the weather. I also was looking forward to the strides after I finished the Loop.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? It was more miles that I put on the legs and I got out the door even though I could have easily have just taken the day off.

PART 2 – 6 x STRIDES and slow stuff

Yeah, I know I am a bit sick at times, but even though the old body was tired, I was looking forward to doing the planned strides.

Distance: 3.0/27:21

Pace: 9:06

Course: 2 Telephone pole strides in front of the house

Shoes Worn: Nike Zoom Fly SP

Comments: I was surprised at how good I felt after running the Middle Road Loop and the hills it has. I was able to have 27, 24, 25, 24, 26, 24 second strides today. This is pretty good considering that my CR for this segment is 23 seconds, so I was happy.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? Adding strides after a hilly run forces me to run faster than my planned 5K race pace on tired legs and makes me push myself harder to maintain those paces – a good thing.

Other Comments: While on the Blake Road, when I got to the top of the hill, there was a tree down in most of the road. It was a tree that I had told Mary a couple of weeks ago that it was going to go down pretty soon. It did. It seems that last night’s rain and a bit of wind finished it off.

The rest of the day I didn’t really do a whole lot, the body needed the rest more than than I needed to mow the lawn or do some painting.

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