Track Tuesday – RunLog 9-24-19

First day back at the track in a few weeks, so of course it was hot and muggy. Plus I learned the hard way not to have eggs and sausage patties for breakfast, when I plan on running faster – the stomach didn’t appreciate the abuse.

Anyway…I went over to Colby to have my fun.

I was pretty happy with the mile Time Trial time considering the nice little breeze on the back straight and how warm it was this morning after last week’s colder weather. It still amazes me after all these years, how quickly de-acclimate to hot weather.

I wasn’t sure about what to do after the time trial until I was sitting there thinking about what I wanted to do. I finally decided to only do 200s, since breakfast wasn’t sitting too well and I hadn’t even started running yet.

The 200s were pretty consistent, but I just ran out of gas and the heat got to on the last couple, so I bagged it after 8 x 200 and did a cool-down mile. After that I did something I have never done at Colby, I just walked a lap in the outside lane and when I got down to the far corner, I noticed a plaque.

I couldn’t resist going over, cleaning it off and taking a photo. All the times I have run over at the Colby Track, I have never noticed it.

Unfortunately, my Garmin FR-35 wasn’t all that accurate and while it showed that I did the 200s, the paces and distance were pretty much off. So I was glad that I rely on my Timex Ironman more when I do the track and trust the distances on that versus relying on GPS. 😉

Overall, it was a good workout, but I gotta be more aware of what I eat beforehand in the future.


  1. Oh good is always tricky for me before I run! My sil can eat anything just before she walks out the door, but I sure can’t!
    8×200 sounds respectable

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