Good Runs and Figuring out a Newish Ache – RunLog 9/21/19

Finally, a day where I felt half-way decent during a run and nothing happened to make things – shall we say more “interesting”.

After yesterday’s bloodletting and then a bit faster run, I was pretty sure that I wanted to just run easy. Well as easy as a run around the Middle Road can be anyway. Although I was pretty surprised when I looked at the splits the first 3.0 miles were all within seconds of each other and mile 4.0 was less than 10 seconds away from what the others were.

Of course the last mile was the slowest when you add in Blake and Stevens Hills, by the time I go up them I just want the run over.

What did surprise me about this run was that I was wearing my Altra Torin 3.5s and while I wasn’t pushing the pace, I was still easily maintaining a 9:00 minute pace. I really think that I do run a bit differently in them, but I also have noticed that they do pull on my hamstrings more than other shoes in my rotation, so that is something that I need to be careful about.

Part one of the run done.

Oh yeah, when I started this run I brought down my Zoom Fly SPs, just in case when I finished the Middle Road Loop that I had a energy left to do some strides. When I do strides I prefer to do it in my “go faster” shoes.

I felt good, but my hamstrings were a little uncomfortable, so I walked a little and then stretched the hamstrings a bit, before I changed shoes.

Since I was going from zero drop to around a 10mm, I thought it was prudent to do a warm-up lap around the Circle (about a half mile).

Then I got going on my 2 telephone pole strides.

The first stride was to just get the cobwebs out of the legs, the next couple were better and by the fifth one, the hamstrings were feeling pretty good and the body was remembering how to run faster. The fifth and sixth ones were good and I shut it down at that point and did enough of cool-down to finish up with 2.0 miles.

Part 2 done

So I was pretty happy with the good run around my Middle Road Loop and then 6 x strides to finish things up.

At least I think that I have figured out why my hamstrings have been bothering a bit more than usual lately – it has to do with running in zero drop. Especially, when the hamstrings did not bother me yesterday while running in my blue Zoom Fly v1s and then today by the time I finished running my hamstrings were not complaining nearly as badly, even though I had run at a decent pace.

1-1+1+1 = 2 sometimes you can connect the dots.

When I looked back through my old RunLogs tonight, to back when I was running regularly in zero drop shoes, I noticed that I complained more about my hamstrings for about 3-4 weeks after I started running in them. Then after that I stopped complaining about them as much – my body seemed to adjust to the different running stride.

One of the reasons that these RunLog posts are important, I can look back to see patterns or issues that I have had in the past to explain some current aches and pains.

All good things.

It just means that I have to use my Altra running shoes judiciously in my rotation.

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  1. I’ve started including notes on my runs too as it’s nice to be on the lookout for the patterns or to be able to go back and identify when something started. You gave me the idea of making one of my morning runs a hill run again

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