Outside/Inside – A Tale of Two Runs – RunLog 9-12-19

I got busy yesterday and didn’t get to writing this post until now. However, my runs yesterday were the kind that I really wanted to remember. Instead of blowing them off and just not doing my write-up, I decided in my infinite wisdom to write about them today.

The first run, I met up with Jon and it has been a while since we ran together. It was great to get caught up on what has been happening and the 4.0 miles just flew by. He always encourages me to run well and we were able to talk the entire run while still doing around an 8:30 pace.

Very nice run.

I had planned on 7.0 or so for the day, but wasn’t sure how I would feel after running a quicker than usual 4.0 with Jon. Even though the day was fantastic for running outside, I decided to do a few more miles on the Planet Fitness treadmill.

While I was in the locker room changing shoes, I got to thinking (I know dangerous territory) that it might be a good idea to do some .1 strides at some point during the run. So I put on my Zoom Fly SP for the treadmill.

Since I was already pretty well warmed up I started out a bit faster than usual.

.25 @ 7.2 mph

.25 @ 7.6 mph

1.0 @ 8.6 mph

.1 @ 6.4 mph

.1 @ 9.2 mph

.1 @ 6.5 mph

5 x .1 @ 9.3 mph with .1 rest intervals @ 6.5 mph

.3 @ 9.3 to finish things up

I finished with a 22:55 time for a 5K, which is faster than my latest race and felt very strong during the faster repeats.

Honestly, I had not planned on doing a short speed session on top of a 4.0 mile run with Jon, but it just kind of happened. I do like to run a faster mile at some point during a week, so that is the reasoning behind the mile. The .1 strides are just something that I enjoy and with me being me, I wanted to finish up the 5K strong, so I kept moving faster versus taking the last rest interval.

I gotta say that I did enjoy the faster running on the treadmill. It is easier for me to run faster on one and it does artificially help my confidence, so that when I see those kind of splits I don’t freak out too much, because I know that I have run that fast, even if it is on the treadmill.

Jon tried to talk me into running the Maine Half Marathon and I am thinking about it. I want to do a longer run this weekend in the Zoom Fly v1 to see if I can run that far comfortably in them or should I use the SPs, just gotta think a little more on that before I head out the door this weekend. Either way would be nice and if they do not work, I know that my Beacon v2 will get me to the finish line in decent shape.

After I got home I got to enjoy my afternoon nap and then a couple of hours behind the lawnmower for what I hope is the final roadside mowing this year. I am hopeful, but not certain.

Two very good runs and I am thinking that today will be a great day to relax, do some house chores I have been procrastinating about and NOT run, since while I was mowing my left calf tightened up a bit and is still a bit grumpy.

I foresee some foam rolling and TheStick time this morning and afternoon. 🙂

All I know is that I really enjoyed yesterday’s run with Jon and am thinking seriously about running the half, we will see.

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  1. That’s great you got two good runs in! Yesterday must have been a two run day as I did two as well. I did sprints in the treadmill this morning though


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