If I train better I will Run better – RunLog 9/10/19

Let’s be real, I am a human being not a robot even though today was supposed to be Track Tuesday, I just didn’t feel like driving over to Colby’s track to run circles at fast for me paces this morning.

My left knee was feeling a little cranky, since I was in a I’m feeling great, so let’s do some stoopid training. On Sat/Sun I had did back-to-back faster 6.0 mile runs. Which, believe me I know is a definite no-no in my world, so why in the devil did I do it?

Yeah, because I am stoopid.

Then yesterday, I did an “easy” 7.0 miles

Wonder why my knee was grumpy! It is not anything serious, it just gets grumpy when I get stoopid.

Initially, after I figured out that I wasn’t heading over to Colby, I thought it was going to be a day off in the running log. However, the knee decided that it wasn’t going to complain too much, so I figured that I could get a mile in to see how it felt. Then while thinking about the run, I thought…well I can do quarter repeats outside the house and get in some faster work this morning.

Can you see where this is leading…

Also, I wanted to run in the New Balance 1400s again, its been a couple of weeks and I want to keep them in the rotation. I wanted to experiment with going sockless to see how the feet did, since I have so many issues with socks and my right foot.

First mile was fine, a nice warm-up and no complaining from the left knee, so I know it really is not anything all that serious.

The first quarter is more of a warm-up quarter and I tend to just run hard, but comfortably and I felt like there was not a damn bit of motivation to run fast today. Yeah, zero ability to step on the gas.

Second quarter was more of the same, but I persevered to push, but the mental toughness just was not there and I did that three more times. Finally, I decided to bag the workout at six intervals.

Besides by that time my left heels was getting a small hotspot, so I would have had to stop to put on my socks anyway. I was happy that the shoes did this good sockless, but found out that while I can probably go for a 5K this way, much longer and blisters are going to be an issue. Although I gotta admit that the right foot really liked the idea of no socks.

When I finished, I had had enough. 4.0 miles total for the workout was going to have to be enough.

When I looked back at lap times, I was 5-10 seconds slower per lap than when I run quarters in the Zoom Fly SP on the track, so I know there is a difference between the models. I feel faster in the ZF SP and actually do run faster too.

Although for bad weather racing the New Balance 1400s will be on my feet. In bad weather time is less of a consideration to racing the opponents and staying upright. My expectations for racing are different when it comes to bad weather.

While I didn’t have the workout that I really wanted it is the workout that I did. I really believe that going in with the idea of it being a possible rest day and changing my mind about what I could/wanted/able to do so many times this morning zapped my motivation and probably effected how well I ran the repeats.

I still ran most of the quarters in the 1:50-1:60 range, so it wasn’t terrible, but I have and will do better.

Yeah, I am glad that I did the workout and was even more happy when I decided to bag it and not have to do any more.

Put this one in the rear view mirror, get the post typed up to get the negative thoughts out of my head and move on to the next workout.

I just have to keep remembering that I can’t train stoopid too often anymore.

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