Trip to First Roach Yesterday & a nice 7.0 Miler Today

Yesterday was a no running day, instead I went upta First Roach Pond, ya know up a ways from Greenville. It was my Dad and I annual visit there to pay our respects to my Mom, up where her ashes were scattered.

It is a bittersweet trip, Dad talked a LOT about his life and I learn more about him as a person and the other side of a parent that you usually do not ever learn about. I got to listen to stories that passing places along the way brought back to him. Many I knew, some were touching, others were tough to hear and others I heard for the first time.

My Dad is brutally blunt and honest about most things and hearing some of the memories and opinions from him and that perspective can be challenging at times, but very informative too.

So it was a good trip.

On the way back through Greenville we stopped to eat lunch and we ordered lunch. The next I knew he ate my cheeseburger…I might have given him a little grief for that, but we both laughed about it. Another story to add to memories.

When I got home, I could’ve run, but to be honest that trip takes a lot out of me. Emotionally, it is a tough one and by the time I get back, I am just ready to relax and get my head wrapped around itself again after all the input. So I put DNR in the RunLog.

Thursday – 9/5/19

Today, I was actually feeling pretty darn good and I wanted to try out the Nike Zoom Fly v1 on a longer easy run to see how my leg(s) felt during an after running in them for an hour.

I ran out to Goodhue Road and finished up with 7.0 miles on the legs. It was a typical easy run where I ran a 30:10 to the turn-around and a 29:51 back to my mailbox, then added on a bit more to get the 7.0. So while I picked up the pace a little on the way back, Stevens Hill got me as usual. 🙂

The ZF v1 did just fine, but I did notice a little bottom of the foot soreness on the left foot as I was coming back onto the tar. Nothing serious, but if I had to run more miles it might have been something to think about a little bit more.

I will do a 10 miler at some point in them, so if there is a problem with the ZF v1 on a longer run it will show up then.

I was happy with the run and it was one of those gorgeous Fall days where you feel as though you can run forever.

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