Another Run in the Log – RunLog 8-31-19

This is the last run in August and I was supposed to do my long run today. Unfortunately, life got in the way and I decided before heading out this morning to do an easy 5.0 miles when I thought about everything that HAD to get done today.

I will get a longer run in tomorrow…well that is the plan anyways.

Today was putting my bookcase back together, mowing the lawn, removing air conditioners and whatever else needed to get done, which meant I time was pretty scarce for a long run.

Which meant that today’s run was going to be an easy one, no big pushes up the hills, just keep the effort levels low and take the time on the Timex and smile.

Actually, I was surprised at the time when I got down to the first mile, so I eased off the pedal even more. I wanted this to be an easy run. Going along the Middle Road was slow and then when I turned on to Blake, the breeze was right in my face. Which meant that I went even slower.

I finished comfortably and thought about doing some strides, but when I looked at the time, well…I just shut things down and went inside to clean-up and eat lunch. It was one of those easier runs where you just smile when you get done, put it into the running log and get going on the rest of the day.

So I did.

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