Test Course Time Trial – RunLog 8-29-199

After walking the pups this morning, I was wondering what I should do for my planned 4.0 mile run. Initially, I was going to run with the guys at Planet Fitness at 12:15, but Mary had other plans for me in the afternoon so I had to change things up a little.

Then I got this “brilliant” idea.

Yeah, Harold and his brilliant ideas that usually end up quite a bit less than brilliant when looked at with 20/20 hindsight. 🙂

I have’t run in my Nike Zoom Fly SP since that fast for me Middle Road Loop and I needed to see if that was a fluke or if I did really run faster in them than my other shoes.

Which meant I time trial down my test course. I really, really hate when I have those brilliant ideas, this was going to be a bit painful, but it would show me once and for all how the ZF SP do for me.

I started out decently, nothing totally stoopid and then I hit the hill and got a good pace going.

Even after I hit the bottom of Philbrick Hill, I was able to maintain a pretty good pace. Once I got down on Pepin, I did start to slow a bit though. The humidity was around 94% and even though it was in the mid 60s for temps it is the humidity that kills me on runs.

I got down to where I turn around now in 12:11, the fastest time that I remember before this run was a 12:17 a long time ago. I also remembered that I turned about 50 yards sooner on that run, because the road didn’t go to where I turn around now at that time.

Coming back out of Pepin is pretty much a long uphill and I slowed down quite a bit coming back out, but I kept pushing the pace as much as I could without getting too deep into the well while running a training run. Then when I got back to Philbrick Hill it was a tough slog back up that tough hill.

Once I got over the hill, I did pick up the pace a little, but didn’t attempt push it all that hard until the last 100 yards.

After I walked a bit to catch my breath, I in my infinite wisdom decided that I needed to do 5 x 2 Telephone Pole strides to finish off the abuse for the morning.

The first one I was a bit meechy and didn’t really push that hard and then rest I just kept repeating during the strides “I want this more”. The last one I tied my segment CR, something that I have done several times, but can’t seem to push through to bring it down a little more, right now.

Actually, doing strides is something that I like doing, when I have enough energy left after a run to do them or is it that I force the issue and just do them. 🙂

The Nike Zoom Fly SP are for me at least – great go fast road running shoes. I just run differently in them than I do other shoes. There is a soft landing for my heel, great roll-through to toe-off, where I get a good pop. While they are too soft and unstable to be effective on a track for me, on the roads, they are working quite nicely.

Oh yeah, I did wear my Garmin, since I had that brilliant idea to do a time trial on tired legs, just to see how things went.

I did get Silver Medals on a few of my segments, but I was pretty damn impressed with how well I ran on a tough course that was pretty wet in a some spots going down and up the hill after last night’s rain storm. I am fairly certain that this was a course record by almost half a minute and it was longer than the course that I would have set the record on.

The other thing is that a I had a sub 7:00 mile, but it doesn’t count because it was not on a track. I just needed a steep hill and a tailwind to get there, but I got under 7:00 after a very slow start to the run, so I can still run pretty quick it seems under the right conditions.

The journey continues and I keep smiling. 🙂

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