Yesterday’s Run Was Pretty Good – RunLog 8-26-19

Just a little late in publishing this.

Holy crap, August is almost over!!! I didn’t realize how close the end of the month was until I entered yesterday’s 5.0 miler into my spreadsheet running log and saw the blue highlighted line in this week’s rows.

Yeah, summer is just about over and the weather is getting better for running.

Yesterday, I decided to head into Planet Fitness, do some upper body work and run after. Of course, I didn’t do the upper body weights and just ran. Some day I will get to working the upper body, but I also do a LOT of work around the yard during the summer that involves upper body work, so I am not that worried about it.

The run itself wasn’t anything special, I got out and ran at about what I thought was a 9:00 minute pace for most of the run. I might have run a little faster coming back down Outer Civic Center Drive, but I didn’t push hard and kept things easy.

However, about when I got up to the lights the top of my left foot began to bother at bit. Which concerned me a little, but I think that I have figured out what happened. On Friday I changed the laces on my NB 890s to elastic ones and I had them too tight and they irritated tendon coming off my big toe towards the ankle. When I wore them after my long run Saturday to help move heavy stuff around and then the next morning a long walk with Bennie just was too much for the tendon.

When I changed out the shoes yesterday, it didn’t bother as much, but when I finished the run yesterday and looked down at the left shoe, I had tied the knot right above where my foot was bothering. The irritation hadn’t had enough time to calm down completely and when I tied the laces where I did it began to re-irritate the tendon.

Once I loosened up the laces on the 890s and changed the position of where I knot the Beacons the foot felt fine the rest of the day. So sometimes it is the small things that make a huge difference and when I make some minor adjustments things can get back to normal.

The reality is

That this run was a nice 5.0 plus miler, where for 4.0 miles I just ran comfortably and didn’t push the pace. Unfortunately, my inflamed tendon on the top of my left grew a bit unhappy by then and told me that it was getting unhappy.

Nothing serious and I figured out the issue (loosen the locklaces in the NB 890 v7) and while it will take a few days for the tendon to be completely happy again, at least I know why it was complaining and am making progress on making it stop.

The small things do make a big difference. At least I was able to problem solve and figure out what was going on. 🙂


  1. I was having the same problem with laces at the start of summer! Of course I bought two new pairs of running shoes before I determined that was the problem🤣


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