Easy Run and Figuring Out the RunFasts

After yesterday’s longer run, I wanted to do something easy today. However, life got in the way, Mary and I went out for lunch and were disappointed with the quality of the food. I guess we are just very spoiled by having fresh garden produce and entrees that are simply made versus the heavily processed stuff that was added unnecessarily to our food today.

Oh well, it just drives home how much differently we prepare our food at home versus eating out.

This afternoon I finally finished up weather/bug proofing the storm door leading out to the deck. It took longer than I thought it would, but last night there were plenty of mosquitoes and other bugs that were coming into the house through the gaps that are always there when you install them. It seems to have worked because I don’t see a lot of bugs inside the door tonight.

So it was pretty late by the time I got around to getting in the run. At the last minute I decided to run in the Reebok RunFasts. I wanted to know for sure if the shoes were going to bother my feet or not and running in them is the only way to find out.

I like the RunFast a lot and I purposely had to focus on going slower until the last mile. They don’t do really all that well on the dirt road down back – they are too thin and the rocks are felt a bit too much. So they are pretty much road shoes.

During the last mile I was feeling good and decided that it would be okay to pick up the pace a little, where these shoes shine. I did pick it up pretty good the last quarter mile for me and came within a couple of seconds of my segment record.

Unfortunately, at the end I could feel the inside of the right toe box starting to press/rub against the inside of my right forefoot and when I looked at the shoes after running, I noticed that I have worn through the top of the fabric in the heel counter. So for me the RunFasts will be going away.

It is not what I prefer, but at the same time when I am running in my go faster shoes, I don’t want distraction from the shoes and need to focus more on running fast than what is going on with my shoes.

At this point the the RunFasts don’t meet that criteria.

Too bad, because I do run fast in them.

A good easy run and one where I learned which direction I would be going with another pair of my running shoes.

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