Coast Guard Day and a Longer Run

Happy Coast Guard Day, yes it is the United States Coast Guard’S birthday today. Of all the careers that I have had over the years, the 20 plus years I spent as a “Coastie” are still what I consider the pinnacle of my professional life.

So much so that I still identify as one, even though I retired more than 20 years ago.

Once a Coastie, always a Coastie – Yep and proud of it. 🙂

So getting back to running again…

Today the humidity levels were in the reasonable range and I stuck to my training routine by not running harder or longer two days in a row yesterday. However, I hadn’t done a longer run yet this week, so today was now or never.

I really didn’t feel like running around the house, so I headed to Waterville and parked at the Hannaford on JFK and ran from there. I was going to bring water this time on the run, but when I put the water bottle in the holder, it didn’t fit well against my back. I figured that wearing it was going to cause more problems than not having water, so I left the bottle in the truck.

Off I went down Silver Street, with no plans to run hard, just do the distance. When I got over by the Funeral Home, I decided to head up Main Street towards McDonalds, the only reason I don’t usually do this route is because of the hill, but I was feeling pretty good, so I went for it.

The hill turned out to be no problem (more in my head than body), since I wasn’t trying to push the pace. I also did a bunch mental gymnastics and figured that if I wanted to get 9-10 miles in this morning that I needed to head out around County Road and not go through Colby. It meant missing Mayflower Hill, but I still got to play on lots of bumps anyway.

One thing I was looking for by the time I got back over by Colby was a place to hightail into the woods or some Port-a-Potties. I found the green stinkies errr wonderful boxes across from the lumber jack area and made a necessary pit stop.

Who doesn’t love seeing these beastly things while on a run and feeling that wonderful urge to purge for a mile or two. 🙂

I did start to pick the pace back up a little on Washington St and when I went by Fred’s Coffee the temp showed 82*F and while it felt toasty, with the lower humidity levels I was not suffering too much from the heat.

After coming down Lincoln St hill, I might have picked it up a little, but by this time I really just wanted the run over with. Could I have gone and got the double-digit, I am pretty sure I could have, but it was time to shut it down and get home. So that is what I did.

All in all I did what I wanted on this run, I got over 9.0 miles at over 9:00 minute pace. The 80*F plus temps were such that I wasn’t planning on going too hard and leaving the water bottle in the truck while it might have helped a little, really didn’t make that big of a difference in how fast I went.

Good run and happy birthday to the World’s Best Coast Guard.

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