A Perfect Regression Run & Too Much Lawn Mowing

This morning was a bit humid at 83%, but the temps were low 70’s, so I figured that since I had already done my longer run this week that I would do my hills workout today.

Now for me that usually means running my Middle Road Loop, it has plenty of hills to play on for a total of 5.0 miles. It also is another test course, where I find out a bit about what kind of shape that I actually am in.

So I decided to go a little harder than usual once I going down the hill. A sub 8:00 for the first mile was pretty decent, the right at 8.0 for the mile 2.0 split wasn’t too bad.

Then the wheels fell off.

Going up the hill in front of the Warrens was not good and I was definitely starting to feel the humidity. I was able to pick it back up after that, but instead of working the hills they worked my arse over pretty good the rest of the run.

By the time I got over to Stevens Hill, there wasn’t a whole lot left in the tank and the hat was raining sweat pretty good. However, the New Balance Race singlet, didn’t bother my underarm, so that might the one I go with for some upcoming races.

I don’t know if it is the higher humidity levels or if it is the Beacon 2s, but the effort levels seem to be resulting in slower paces in the B2 compared to other shoes. They are comfortable and all that, but when I up the effort levels, the paces are not where I would normally would expect them to be.

I will try a couple of other shoes on my next track workout to see if it is my imagination or if I am just getting to be an old fart where it is just getting harder for me to run faster.

Overall, it was a pretty good run, and just a bit harder than my usual effort.

Of course, after lunch, I took a nice nap, although Bennie beat me to it. Then it was time for two hours of pushing and pulling a lawn mower for a total of 3.75 miles, I measured it with my watch, I just wanted to see how far I walk behind that metal beast. Yeah it is that far to mow my lawn, wonder why I don’t really enjoy it.

But the lawn does look good 🙂

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  1. It might be the heat affecting your times too, I know that it’s killing mine right now. Can’t wait for Fall when I’ll be faster again

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