Recovery Run and Floors

Some days are just for getting out the door and putting one foot in front of the other, without worrying about the time all that much. After yesterday’s longer warmish run, the old body was tired.

Also first thing this morning we had to move all the furniture and stuff out of the living room, so the carpenter could put the new floor down. Which meant moving a double recliner love seat that is heavy and hard to manage by yourself. By the time I got done with that I had done my upper body workout and some heavier lifting.

After walking the dogs almost a mile, the wife and I agreed that the humidity levels were getting in the nasty range. While the temps said mid-70’s when I got out in the sun, it felt warmer than that.

So I started the run without any plans for anything other than an easy recovery run. I had even planned on running three laps up on Philbrick and just relaxing. However, we were relegated to the garage while they were installing the floor and when I left Bennie was barking obnoxiously about being left behind. I immediately knew that if I did laps that every time I would go in front of the house he would start up again.

Out of consideration for Mary’s sanity, I quickly changed my course to down-back and eventually settled on the Town Office O/B 4.0 miler.

There was nothing special about the run, other than I kept the pace consistent and comfortable until I got back to Stevens Hill where I picked up the effort slightly in order to keep the pace about the same.

It was the run that I needed though, it was enough to stretch the legs out a little and get a few more miles on the Beacon 2s. They are turning into fine daily trainers for me.

The floors are almost all in, they just need to get them in the pantry and under the freezer and washer/dryer. We like the looks so far and all the finish work should be done next Tuesday.

That is the part of the project that I dislike the most – the finish work, usually by the time I get to that point, I am tired of it and have to really focus to get it finished.

Getting stuff done and a nice recovery run.

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