Longer Run and Kitchen Progress – 7-25-19

While we were walking Bennie and Hunter this morning, Mary offered to pick me up if I wanted to run up to Waterville after finishing the dog walk. She had some errands to run up there and while it wasn’t really in my plans to do a longer run today, I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to do a one-way run.

Quite simply I like the runs where I get to run someplace and Mary picks me up.

So I changed up and got ready to run. I definitely was going to use the Beacon 2s on their first longer for me run, to see how they felt after an hour or so of running in them. Also I wanted to check out my new race jersey to see how it felt.

The weather was around 70*F, a LOT of sun and about a 10 mph breeze out of the NW, with decent humidity. Which isn’t terrible summer running weather, but at the same time, once you get out in the sunshine the temps are higher than what the weather apps tend to tell you. Then the heat suddenly slaps you upside of the head and the run just goes to crap.

I wasn’t planning on going super fast and originally planned on seeing if I could get 10 in before Mary caught up with me, at least that was the plan.

I started comfortably and the first 4.0 miles I worked at running in the shade and running at an easy effort. Which today was around 9:00 minute pace, a little faster in some parts and a little slower in others.

Once I got to the field down on Goodhue Road, the shade disappears and I ran in the sun the rest of the way. I baked pretty good from that point on, plus with that Northerly breeze in my face, made the run just slightly more difficult, but a little cooler. Mary texted while I was on the Town Farm Road and I figured that she would catch me on 8 Rod Road. I am not a fan of Junction Road, there is just something about that section that I do not enjoy.

After getting to 8.0 miles I decided to shut it down and walk until Mary caught up with me. I probably could have squeezed another mile, but at that point the heat was starting to slow me down and I was very happy with the quality of the workout to that point.

I am finally learning that I do not have to kill myself to make good progress in my training and a 8:58 pace for 8.0 miles in 70-80*F weather is a nice workout in my book. Especially, when it was a last minute decision to do it.

I will take it.

The new racing singlet caused chaffing on inside of my left arm after 4-5 miles, so that is not a good thing. It did distract me during the run and I have to figure out why or have to wear a liner shirt under it. Not really what I want in hot weather.

The Beacon 2’s did great all the way and I didn’t stop running because of my feet hurting, which is all I ask of my daily trainers. That being said, I felt as though I was running faster than the actual pace for the effort I putting out. Last week’s similar run was faster, even though the day was more humid, but I was using the Beacon v1. So there is a slight difference between the two shoes. However, as long as I can run comfortably in the B2s, I really am not going to complain, since I don’t see them as my race day shoes – they ARE my daily trainers.

Kitchen Progress!!!

Ahh, we have a kitchen sink that works, handles on the new cupboards, microwave over the stove and can actually start loading stuff in them from the boxes we have been living out of for the last 4-6 weeks.

No more washing dishes in the bathroom sink and having a little bit of space on my dresser again. Tomorrow we get a new floor in the kitchen/living room if everything goes as planned and then it is just some incidental stuff to finish it off.

All I can say is – finally.

It will be so nice to get back to a semi-normal living again.

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