Shit Show and A Needed Run

Today was more shit show than anything else, but the one saving grace was that I did get my run in after a morning from well you know.

I had just finished running and was taking a post run selfie to share with everyone (it is a wonder I didn’t break the camera), when to my surprise a brandy-spanky new Jeep truck drove by as I was taking the photo. Now if any of you good people want to get me one of these beasts, I will gladly accept the gift.

Get back to reality Harold.

My drivers license expires on my birthday next month and Maine has recently gone to the Real ID renewal, which meant that instead of simply going to Bureau of Motor Vehicles, paying my money, doing a quick eye test and getting a new license that I had to have several documents with me to prove that I am who, I claim to be.

Not a big deal, all the documents were in the lock box or file cabinet, well at least I thought they were.

I put the paperwork together and headed to Augusta after Bennie’s long walk. Once I got to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) and sat down to wait my turn they were on #47 and I was #70, I double-checked the paperwork.

Shit, what I had thought was my birth certificate was our marriage certificate.


So I drove the 20 minutes back to the house, thinking of all the different places that it could be and when was the last time that I actually used it. I figured that I would quickly get my birth certificate and get back there before my number was called

Yeah right.

I searched everywhere for that damned birth certificate and could not find it. Shit, I was going to have to drive all the way up to Newport to get a replacement one. I stopped and talked with Mary (who is a LOT smarter than me), who suggested going to Maine’s Department of Vital Statistics in Augusta. Okay, that would be better than driving an hour one way and dealing with the Newport Town Office – someplace I haven’t lived officially in over 20 years.

I plugged in the address and headed to Augusta, somehow I got 220 State Street, when the correct address was 220 Capitol Street. So that took about an extra 20 minutes and a talk with Capital Security to figure out the correct place to be. Once I got there it was really simple, quick and easy – filling out a form and a great person at the front desk. After less than 10 minutes and $15.00 lighter I had an official birth certificate.

The next thing was driving back to BMV to get my license renewed. Luckily it is right beside Planet Fitness and all there was left to do was get through the line. When I signed in I had #113 and they were in the 90’s (not too, too bad). Once I got to the desk about 45 minutes later, thing went smoothly (I forgot my Social Security Card, but that information was on my DD214) and took only 10 minutes to finish everything up. I should be getting my new drivers license in 2-3 weeks – a pretty important thing in today’s world.

The new photo sucks, but hey if somebody official needs to see it, they will know it is this old fart, not some young buck. 😉

However, by this time I had missed running with the guys, we were supposed to meet up at noon for the first time since I got injured. Needless to say I was fairly wired after a pretty frustrating morning. So I needed a nice run, plus the weather was cooperating, 76*F, overcast/slightly raining (which meant it was also slightly humid) and a light breeze.

Today is an easy day, so I purposely didn’t try to push the pace and just ran. I was using the Beacon 2s and in my opinion they did change the angle of the toe box taper ever so slightly. Not enough that I am going to complain too much, but enough that I noticed it a little more today.

For the first 5.0 miles the splits were very consistent and I did pick it up slightly for the last mile – nothing crazy or stoopid, but a better last mile, which is something that I try for in most runs.

I thought seriously about a second run after super, then thought better of it. The weather would have been perfect, upper 60s, light rain, a slight breeze. Yeah, it was so very tempting, but a comfortable 10K was good enough today.

It seems like I might be getting my running mojo back, I am getting back to where I want to run again.

Do you have all of your important paperwork in place, so that when you need it you can find it? If you are not sure I recommend you go take a look to make sure that you have your birth certificate, mortgage paperwork, court filings, divorce decrees, baptismal certificates, the kids birth certificates, military DD214s, college transcripts/degrees and all those other pieces of paper that you will need to produce at some time or another in one place that is fireproof and lockable.

It is easier to get all that stuff together before you need it, versus needing it and not having it. Think about it.

Actually, as messed up as the morning was, I still got a lot of stuff done and now I want to work on getting all of my paperwork in order. Something that I should have done a long time ago, especially with my background as a paper pusher. I guess I just got lazy and a bit sloppy. Time to tidy up the mess and get back to where I know I need to be.

A good run and a lot better weather.

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