I Like Swimming – Just Not When I Am Running

Yeah, it was slightly humid on my run this afternoon, enough that I made no attempt at all to push the pace, effort level or even run any tangents. At 79*F or higher when the sun was out and 82% humidity made it pretty miserable out there for doing much of anything outside, much less getting in a run.


However, I just kept reminding myself that this something that I get to do and that I wanted to be out there running.

Quite foolish really, but that is part of being a runner – well at least this runner and looking at my Strava activity feed, I ain’t the only one that was out there this afternoon enjoying the humidity.

I started out slow for the first mile, kept a slow, steady pace for the second mile and then slowed down for the third mile and during the fourth mile coming back up Stevens Hill, I went even slower.

During the run the sun would keep peeking out and when it did holy crap, it immediately increased the sauna affect exponentially. So instead of running tangents or against traffic, I purposely stayed wherever I could find shade, where the temps were better, but the humidity was the same. 😉

One of the reasons that I procrastinated running was that after yesterday’s speedwork session my left leg was feeling a little wonky. Nothing serious, but it felt a little off and I wanted to give a little time to sort itself out. By the time I got out the door the leg was feeling fine and it didn’t complain during the run, so that was a good thing.

This is one of those character building runs that pace does not mean rat’s arse, these runs are all about getting out the door, putting one foot in front of the other, staying safe, finishing the run and able to run again tomorrow.

I accomplished all of those things. So the run was a win.

These runs are tough, but they are a part of running in July.


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