The Second Half of 2019 Has Begun

Yep, we are in the second half of 2019 – which is hard to believe, but here we are. Also summah has arrived in Maine and while the humidity levels and temps don’t compare to other parts of the Country, it was purty warmish up heah this last week for me. Not enough that I hit the treadmill, but I did think about it pretty hard on Friday.

I am thankful for a couple of things this week:

First – Running over 25 miles this week was cause for a mini celebration on my part. Especially considering I really wasn’t supposed to actually start running at all until at least July 15th.

So the leg is feeling pretty damn good and I was even able to up the effort level this morning a little to check out how it felt – just fine. The other part is that I did get out on the Bond Brook single-track trails and while I was very slow – I could tell that I was working pretty hard.

Second – The kitchen/dining room remodel is making progress and should be done in a couple of weeks. All the changes and prep work take time to do them correctly and when you add in the 4th of July four day weekend, well you just have to be patient. Although I do have to admit living out of boxes and working my running schedule around the remodeling is getting rather old. 😉


As I get back to running the more I find myself moving back to the Running by Feel method of training. I have a pretty good handle on what works for me and as long as I don’t get too stoopid or do the Harold being Harold crap too often I do pretty good with this style of training.

Instead of having a training plan in place for my next race and the pressure that it sometimes brings to complete the workouts as written, I find that having a weekly routine where I have flexibility to do workouts based around how I am feeling that day works better for me at this stage of my running and also yes, my age. I have to do things just a bit differently.

Between re-reading 80/20 Running and Run – The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel again, they are giving me ideas and confidence to be comfortable with moving back to this kind of training.

We will see how it goes.

Also I really thought about ditching most of my technology this week, but the more I thought about it, I really do like my Garmin GPS 230 watch and the freedom it gives me to explore new routes, go for a bike ride and have the run automatically posted to Strava.

The one thing I did was get rid of a bunch of fields I was logging in my spreadsheet that don’t really have a lot of bearing on my running.

Also I did retire my Milestone foot pod, because the data it was providing was not quite what I needed to track in my mind. Although it did show that I ran differently in the Zoom Fly compared to other running shoes. The other data points to be honest were not something that I used to improve my running. So it was time to put it in the gym bag for a while.

While these might seem like minor things, when I add them altogether these changes made it so that I really was able to relax and just enjoy my running this week.

Running Shoes

The Salomon Sonic RA Max v1 are doing just fine. They are a nicely cushioned daily trainer that works well on the dirt road down-back and are very comfortable to run in. I will be getting over 50 miles at some point next week and will be thinking about a review of them at that point. More for me to think about the pros and cons of the RA Max than anything.

Unfortunately, my Tailor’s Bunionette is bothering a bit more than it has over the last year, no matter what shoes I have been wearing during the past few weeks. So I have been experimenting a little with different socks or insoles and will probably go find a pair of extra thin ones to see if that makes any difference.

Also I had my first trail run in the Salomon Sense Ride v1 and they did great on the single track over at Bond Brook. Very comfortable shoe and while I am not a huge fan of the lacing, it seems to work good enough that I am not going to mess with it.

Once I get over 50 miles on the RA Max, I am planning to add the Adidas Tempo 9 #2 back into the regular rotation. I do like having a shoe rotation and having only one pair going isn’t – at least in my opinion, what works best for staying more injury free.


What I am putting down the pie-hole is slowly changing, as I cut-back on the sugar and more processed foods. I want to work on eating more foods closer to their original form than I have been. No I am not going Vegan, Keto or Carnivore, but I am focusing more on real foods and moving away from highly processed stuff.

Although I have a feeling that I will be having a weekly Friday pizza, chips and an occasional bowl of ice cream. At this point in my life I am not going to deprive myself, but at the same time, I do know that I have to eat better to run better and be healthy.

The Reality is That

I did more than I expected this week and still feel really good. The leg is not bothering, other than a bit of soreness earlier in the week. Soreness I expect after an injury and as long as the leg is not painful, I can deal with it.

The changes I have made to how I train, getting a grip on how I will be using technology going forward and thinking more about how something actually impacts my running versus just doing it because that is either neat or how I have been doing things right along.

A good example is focusing more on real foods and moving away from the high processed or sugar filled stuff that seemed to find its way into my diet way too much or getting back to having a shoe rotation versus always running in the same shoes.

Although I am a bit concerned about the way my Tailor’s Bunionette is feeling no matter what shoes I am wearing. It is something that I will keep an eye on and try a couple of different things to see if they help.

Yeah, the remodeling is impacting my running with the stresses of living out of boxes, having to deal with strangers in the house all the time and how it affects us all or is that how it inconveniences us all. Even so, I am sure that it will be worth it in the long run, just getting to the finish is taking longer than I want.

The best thing though is that I am running again and it doesn’t hurt me to do it. 🙂

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