The Humidity is A Bit Higher Today

It was one of those days where I didn’t really feel like running this morning. No, the leg felt good, it is more over the years I have not run well in high humidity and this morning let’s just say it was humid.

During Bennie’s long walk, the humidity kind of slapped me upside the face, so after we got back I might have procrastinated getting back outside to do my run. I wavered on what I should do and the more. My schedule called for something longer, but with outside being pretty miserable, I really was leery about going longer this morning, so I just decided to wing-it.

Actually I am doing pretty good at keeping it slow since I have started back up again. The 9:00 minute plus paces feel comfortable and in the warmer weather doesn’t stress the body nearly as much. I still work up a sweat and feel like I have had a nice workout when I finish.

So I figured that in this weather I would start slow and each mile after the first couple would be slower. The first mile felt good and the second mile I had warmed up and naturally picked up the cadence. The third mile I could feel the affects of the heat beginning to accumulate and during the fourth mile which includes going up Stevens Hill, I definitely slowed down (which is the usual for me).

The last mile was a little faster, but not anything to write home about that is for sure.

Overall, it was one of those character building runs, where I wasn’t all that crazy about getting out there to run, but I still did it. The first couple of miles were comfortable, but the last three were tough and I had to really focus on putting one foot in front of the other, especially going up Stevens Hill.

It got done though.

Although as I write this post a pretty good thunder bumper is going through and Bennie is a shaky baby.


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