Warmish Run and Remodeling Woes – RunLog 7-1-1

The first run of a new month and I was actually looking forward to it. While the run wasn’t all that exciting the fact that I am doing it at all, without pain in my left leg is a huge deal in my world.

Yesterday’s mid-afternoon run was a bit warmish, but not terrible. 79*, with a 10-15 mph breeze out of the NW was runnable. I am not a fan of running in the hottest part of the day, but with everything going on around the house, I go running when I can.

A new door and window and where the vacuum is, is where the sink will eventually be.

Where the kitchen will be.

Yeah, this kitchen/dining room remodeling project has played havoc with my running schedule. However, once everything gets done, our home will be more livable moving forward, which is important for us to age gracefully in our own home.

Getting back to my run.

I started out comfortably and hit the 1st mile split a little faster than I thought that I would and even though I was running against a pretty good breeze the second mile split was a LOT faster than I expected. The biggest thing was that I wasn’t pushing the pace, I was focused on running quietly and keeping my arm swing compact.

The leg felt fine, so I went down to the Old Town Dump and turned instead of turning at Bartlett. I figured if the leg started to bother I would be able to shut it down and walk it in. I didn’t

Needless to say I pulled back on the reins quite a bit the third mile and then the last mile with the wind at my band and the lack of heat acclimation reared its ugly head and I slowed way down to accommodate how I was feeling.

Like crap, but the leg wasn’t talking nasty to me.

See I can listen to the body.

Now to get past this wonderful house remodel so that creating a meal and cleaning up after is not such a difficult chore. I know the inconvenience will be worth it, but right now it just seems like all the remodeling is taking forever.

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