Another Step Forward – RunLog 6/29/19

After walking Bennie this morning, I decided that I would head into Planet Fitness to do my upper body weight workout and an easy run. I haven’t been able to go to the gym at all this week, but I have been hitting the weights in the back of the garage to keep up with the weights.

The other reason to run at PF was, it is relatively flat and not too many bugs. Both times when I walked Bennie this morning, the skeeters were pretty thirsty and were bad enough that I decided to cut a 2.0 mile walk short and turned around at Blake Road.

I debated whether to run or do weights first. If you know me at all, there is not really a whole lot of thinking about what I prefer to do.

Yeah, I went for a run.

I am still limiting myself to three miles or so and no fast running. The leg is feeling better than I could ever have expected for having only been three weeks since I screwed it up. I really think that the Salomon Vibe system in the RA Max has worked far beyond my expectations.

When I run or walk in them there is a definite difference from the Vibe technology to other shoes that I have in the house. So guess what, I have a feeling that I will keep running in them, they work for me and I have confidence in them.

I started out easy and even though the paces got faster throughout the run, I didn’t really increase the effort levels all that much, until the last quarter mile. Everything felt good during the run.

PF Run 2019-06-29 195801.png

Oh yeah, when I got back to PF, I did some foam rolling and stretching. Then I got around to doing the upper body weight workout that Tyler designed for me. I got halfway through it before I ran out of time.

I guess that if I really want to do a weight workout that I HAVE to do it before I run, not after.

Overall, a really good run and a pretty big confidence builder. The big thing now is to keep conservative and not let my head get ahead of how much healing the body has done. I typically heal pretty quickly, at least compared to what the docs say is normal and do listen to my body a lot closer than people think that I tend to do.

Soreness is expected and as long as the left leg is only sore, I don’t worry all that much. Pain is a very different feeling to me and I am not feeling any pain when I run, so I get to keep doing what I am doing.



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