Just A Little Thunderstorm – RunLog 6-28-19

Another day where I have to run after lunch, since I had to stick around while they worked on the remodel project. Of course, by the time I was able to get out it was 78*F, bright sunshine, with fairly high humidity – more on that high humidity in a minute.

Before I headed out Mary and I both commented on the dark clouds that were forming up North, but when I checked the weather radar on my phone, I didn’t see any storms in the area, so we figured it would be safe to go for a run.

I decided to head down-back, because the trees provide a bit more shade and the temps are better down there, plus running on dirt is easier on the old legs than tar is. My leg felt good, so when I got to the mile point, I decided to keep going down to the black mailbox down on Tiffany, which ends up as a 3.0 mile run.

That might have been a mistake…

As I got onto the tar, it started sprinkle a little, nothing serious, but the clouds rolling in were starting to get a bit on the dark side. So while I was working on running quietly, I did think about upping the cadence a little.

A little rain doesn’t bother me and would actually feel pretty good on a hot and humid kind of day.

I made it to the turn-around and started back to the dirt road without any issues, but the clouds were looking a bit more ominous, a few sprinkles of rain here or there, but nothing to worry about or so I thought.

However, as I was getting close to Blake Road, all of sudden there was a flash of light and almost immediately a clap of thunder. Oh shit, not good, oh shit. Then the deluge of rain came.

It was the proverbial cow pissing on a flat rock kind of rain.

That and the white flashes every so often and loud booms, did make me pick up the pace a bit more than I had planned. There was one where the hair on my arms raised up even though they were soaked and the crash of thunder was immediately after the flash of light.

I think I might have picked up the pace just a little at that point. When I got to the top of Stevens Hill and saw a set of headlights coming down the road that I recognized.

It was Mary in Clifford coming to my rescue.

I immediately jumped in and thanked her profusely. I don’t mind running in rain, but those bright white flashes of lights do bother me quite a bit, when I am out in the rain running along.

The good news is that the Salomon RA Max v1s did an exceptional job while running on a wet dirt road that was getting a bit mucky. That and my leg felt great the entire run.

Needless to say, it wasn’t the run that I expected when I left the house.

But my wife – done good and kept the old boy safe yet again.

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