Running, Biking and Harold the Destroyer

Yeah, I forgot to hit the publish button on this post the other day.


One of those busy days, a decent run, an easy bike ride and some sledgehammer time. Everything went really well, until I started to pickup the debris and wheelbarrow it away.


So let’s talk about the run first:

After yesterday’s successful run, I wanted to try another easy run and did almost 1.5 miles without any issues. I didn’t push the pace at all and just ran comfortably. The Salomon RA Max v1 really do seem to be the real deal as far as the Vibe technology goes.

However, 1.45 miles is not quite enough cardio for me at this point and time, so after I finished running I got the bike out and did an easy 8.3 miles on it. I went down to Goodhue Road and never really pushed the speed. I am not saying that I will ever love riding a bike, but at least I can get outside, get a little sun and fresh air to satisfy those needs for me.

My day was interrupted by a quick trip to the new dentist for a cleaning, one of my favorite things – not. However, this one was pretty good, because the hygienist was someone that I ran with over at Quarry Road last year. We talked a bit about running and she qualified for Boston again at Sugarloaf last month – very cool.

When I got back home, it was time for some upper body workout. I needed to get out my best Harold the Destroyer mode and make an old set of cement steps into chunks that were small enough to actually move out of the way. it took about 45 minutes of pretty damn steady and sweaty work, but that one big chunk is now a lot of small chunks and ready to move.


Well, I started to move the smaller chunks with a wheelbarrow, mmmm the left leg was not too happy about that. It seems that lifting 50-75 pounds of concrete chunks and then attempting to push it through soft ground was not what it thought was a great idea. I did two loads and decided that it was going to be more prudent to do it tomorrow.

The leg was complaining more than I wanted it to, so being somewhat smarter than usual I followed the famous last words the doc said to me “if it starts to hurt – stop”. So I did – I stopped.

I have a feeling that instead of the wheelbarrow, I will be using the garden wagon, the pulling shouldn’t put as much stress on the leg. Then again, if it is raining tomorrow, I might wait until Thursday.

Actually the leg has been doing really good and I might just give it a day off – for good behavior or to make believe that I am getting smarter. 😉


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