Running a Mile and My Longest Bike Ride in a long time

Sometimes you just have to go with how you feel and today that is what I did this morning.

Let’s step back for a moment. Yesterday Bennie, Mary and I were walking down-back and got a call from SD1 about Hunter not doing real well. We were down at the Blake Road turn and needed to get back up to see what was going on with him. So we started running back.

The body really was not all that fired up about this running stuff when I started off and I was really focusing on how the left leg was feeling. When I got to Stevens Hill, I wasn’t feeling bad, but I wasn’t all that confident in the leg, so I walked a short ways up the hill. Then I ran the rest of the way home.

Great news, the leg didn’t bother and didn’t need any ice or anything. I was able to ride the bicycle a little bit later without any problems. Also Hunter was okay, but will go see the Vet on Tuesday for a checkup to see what is going on.

This morning I was wondering how the leg would feel and was pretty relieved when it felt just fine.

Which meant…

Yeah, I wanted to run again.

I know 6-8 weeks is the usual recovery for a stress fracture/reaction or whatever it is I have going on with my lower left leg. However, I am feeling really good, the leg is holding up to long bike rides, hiking, walking and yard work, so as long as I don’t get really stoopid, I think running a mile or two is not a bad thing – for me.

So I picked the flatest course I could find in the area – the Rail Trail and ran a mile. I ran in the Salomon RA Max v1 and I felt good. The first half mile I went slow, just focused on running easy and lightly. When I turned around another runner was going about the same pace and of course I picked it up a little to catch up with him.

Nothing overly hard, just a little quicker cadence.

First run back 6-24-19

It felt so friggin good just to run a mile. Yes, I could have run further, but this run was all about getting my confidence back and not hurting the leg.

Did I succeed?


The left leg did not hurt or have any discomfort when I finished. Did I say how good it felt to actually run again.

Now I have to be smart and not attempt to do too much too soon.

After I got done running, I decided that riding the bike was a great idea. I road down to Gardiner and went down past the boat launch on the little trail there, until I came to a downed tree and decided to turn around at that point.



On the way back to the Rail Trail I saw Seth H and stopped and talked for a minute.

Then I headed North back to Augusta. I wasn’t pushing the speed and just riding comfortably, while pushing some of the downhills a little. I ended up with over 14 miles on the bike a couple of miles more than I had thought about, but I felt good.

When I got done the legs were tired, but no discomfort or pain in either leg – score!!!

Needless to say when I finally sat down in the truck to drive home – I was psyched. I had completed a 1.0 mile run and a 14 mile bike ride and no pain!!!

Unfortunately, I also knew that I had to go home an mow the lawn this afternoon and that would be the real test for the leg. After two hours of turns and walking behind the lawn mower, I was freaking tired, but as I sit here a few hours later, the leg is still doing fine.

Week 3 is usually the week when my body tells me how things are healing and this week was no different. I still plan on being smart and keeping the mileage low and listening to the body very closely.

The bike riding is going better than I ever have done. It is helping keeping me in shape and while I am pretty much limiting it to the roads, my old mountain bike is doing what I need it to do. No I am not attempting to hit any speed records or keep up with the lycra crowd, but I am getting to double-digits on the bike. Hopefully, some of the time on the bike helps my running.

We will see.

The big thing is that I ran successfully this morning, which means that I am recovering, now to keep moving forward and not have too many setbacks. I am sure that there will be a few along this journey back to running.

I am smiling a bit more tonight, than I have been over the past few weeks.

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