No Running – Week #2 Update

It has been two weeks since I screwed up my left leg and ended up with what is in all likelihood a tibial stress fracture. The doc said 6-8 weeks of no running and that if I did each week that I didn’t wait, I would be at a greater risk to actually break my leg. Based on those words I have been pretty damn conservative and haven’t run since June 5th.

During the first week, there was a pretty good amount of discomfort and when I did a bit too much it did get into the painful realms, so the no running was not an issue.

This week the leg hasn’t gotten to the pain cave side of the coin, so that has been good and even the discomfort levels have been pretty manageable. Even so, I have not been all that tempted to go for a run, probably a really good thing.


Now that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been active or pushing the leg for all it can do, without going overboard.

Well in my mind at least. I have a feeling that the doc, might have had a different idea of what she had in mind when she told me I couldn’t run. 🙂


The big thing is that D2 and her husband are out visiting from Minnesota and being the active types, I spent the weekend with them down in Bar Harbor (Bah Hahbah), but most of our time was spent over in Acadia National Park.

We did some of the easier hikes, Jordan Pond Loop and the Great Head Trail, which the leg did great on. No issues as long as I went slower on the downhill sections or through the rocks (not that there are rocky sections in Acadia’s trails).


I biked on the Carriage Roads, yes I own a mountain bike, but I haven’t ridden before I left for Bar Harbor this year, when I did a mile on it just to see if it still was in one piece. It had been in the garage all that time, so it wasn’t in horrible shape, but…

still, I was taking a huge leap of faith that it was going to work. They both own pretty decent bikes (they ride a lot) but didn’t laugh at me too much when I showed up with this old rust bucket, that I didn’t even know how to take the front wheel off of until D2 husband showed me.


So I was concerned with how the body and the leg would hold up to riding. Also, there was the issue that I was riding a bike from the 1990s and hadn’t been ridden much since I got it back in 2004 from a relative.



Actually, I was surprised at how well the bike did and that my body didn’t give me too many problems on the bike.



I did catch some grief on my choice of helmets though.

The only time I experienced any discomfort riding was when I was riding up Dow Mountain on the carriage road and then coming back down the vibration caused the leg to talk to me a bit. So while I was in glide mode, I just lifted my left leg off the pedal. That forestalled the leg getting into the pain side and allowed me to keep riding back to the car.


I had a lot of fun being so active and got to spend quality time out with D2 and her husband. Actually, I surprised myself with how well I was able to keep up with them despite babying the leg in more than a few spots. However, I know that they both held back to let the old man keep up, since they both ride a lot back home.

One thing that I found out was that the Salomon Sonic RA Max Vibe technology does make a difference when I am walking. On the hike around Jordan Pond and additional hiking on the stream trail, the tibial vibrational dampening was noticeable compared to other shoes I have worn recently.

Enough so that as part of Father’s Day, I ended up with a pair of Salomon Sense Ride with the Vibe technology.


I will rave more about them later I have a feeling. My first wearing of them was wading through the stream before Great Head trail and then wearing them wet, sandy, salt waterlogged on rocks, mud, gravel and whatever else was there. They dried quickly, I just wish that I could have said the same for my socks.



They were amazing.


Then, we decided that wasn’t enough and went for a bike ride up Dow Mountain and I wore them without socks for the entire ride – NO ISSUES.

Yeah, I was very impressed.

Then again, I also ate a bit too well last weekend. Plus when I got back on Monday, SD1 had made a tin of chocolate no-bake cookies for me. You might as well thought that I was an addict the way that I demolished that tin in less than two days. I would not want to do a diabetes test right off, give me a week or so to recover from eating poorly this weekend and then the no-bake cookie gluttony. 🙂

The Reality is that

I survived the weekend activities and didn’t make things any worse than they were before it began.


The leg is healing pretty quickly (faster than I expected to say the least), but I know that I still need to be very cognizant of what I do and don’t do (run) for a while longer. Although riding the bike and walking seem to be things that doesn’t bother the left leg too much. Well as long as I don’t go up a mountain, do a bunch of rock hopping or go down a bumpy road at a faster than is smart speeds.

Today I did a 10-mile ride on the roads around the house and everything felt good, it is a nice way to cross-train and something that I would not be doing if I hadn’t gone riding with SD2 and her husband last weekend. They reminded me that riding could be fun, even for an old fart.

Now comes the part rehabbing injuries where I am starting to do things without discomfort and will have a hard time with this no-run edict. I have to discipline myself to not give in to my wanting to get back on the roads again.



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