I am Getting Old & Progression Run – RunLog 6/5/19

This morning was brought to you by surprise great weather, applying for something that I never thought that I would get to do at many points in my life and even though I am still feeling like I have to force the issue, getting out the door for a run on…drumroll, please.

Global Running Day

Okay GRD is not a national Holiday or anything all that important, but it is the day that the running community seems to get their collective behinds moving and head out to get a run in. Yeah, a really great thing, so Twitter and Facebook had a lot of discussion and comments about it.

Congrats to all of you who ran on Global Running Day. 🙂

Which meant that after running a bunch of errands, I went over to Planet Fitness (the Town was working on the dirt road down-back) and got ready for an outdoor run. Also, I did something that I haven’t before, I planned on running in the Nike Zoom Fly two days in a row.

Which was an experiment to see how they worked on a planned recovery run?

The first mile was forcing the issue, clearing the lungs of more crap and just making myself run. After that, I started feeling better and decided to just let myself run according to how the body was feeling.

Annotation 2019-06-05 203723

Which in my Zoom Fly v1s was faster than I should have. More on that in a minute.

Mile 2 was a bit quicker and mile 3 was even faster, so as I was coming back up Leighton Road I decided to take a left and head up towards Commerce Dr. At this point I figured that I would pick up that cadence a bit to see if I could maintain it for the full 5.0 miles.

Mile 4 was a bit quicker, but I also felt a little tugging on the front of my left lower leg along the outside of the bone. Nothing that hurt, but something I noticed. I love to run a fast last mile along this course, so I picked up the pace a lot (for me at this point) and pushed it to 5.0 miles.

After that, I relaxed a little coming back up to Planet Fitness. It was a really good progression run, but that is not the run that I needed or was supposed to do today and I paid for it.

My left leg is pretty sore tonight, it almost feels like a bad case of shin splints in that lower leg. I attribute this to running faster (for me remember) in the Zoom Fly two days in a row. I do run differently in them and definitely have a more pronounced toe push-off with these shoes when I run faster.

When I pull up the foot tonight, the lower leg talks to me, where if I let it relax, it doesn’t bother as much. Ice is my friend tonight.

Actually it was a really good run, but one where I got greedy and it bit me square in the arse. I have learned the hard way that the Zoom Fly is a great go faster shoe for me, but when I wear them the problem is that I want to run faster in them. Which ain’t a great thing on a scheduled recovery run.

I have a feeling that if I had worn a different pair of shoes this morning, that my leg would be fine tonight because I would not have been tempted to have run the progression run that I ended up doing.

This will probably keep me on the shelf a few days, but it was a good lesson learned and I know that I need a pair of running shoes for recovery days that do not entice me to run faster than I am planning on. That old lack of self-discipline thing and thinking that I am still in my twenties got me again.

Speaking of something about aging…I applied for Social Security and had to go to their office this morning to drop off some paperwork. Unfortunately, it was too soon after creating my account and application, the local office hadn’t received the information in their computer system yet, so they asked me to call them next week to check on whether I needed to bring in the documents or not. They were very nice about things, but there is going to be a LOT of hurry-up and wait going when it comes to working through this process.

Not that I didn’t expect this and is why I started the process sooner than later. It gives me time to correct, sit in their office when necessary, keep the stress levels lower and not have a time crunch to get things done.

A good run, starting the eligibility process for Social Security and great day, what more could I ask for? Mmmmmm being in my twenties again hehehehee.

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